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tosi-logo-final-wSince the new year I have really tried to focus on healthier eating and weight loss.  I recently discovered Tosi nutritional products and they fit perfectly in my new healthier lifestyle.  They have several great products- Tosi Super Bites, Tosi Complete Greens, Tosi Complete Meal, Tosi Digestive Enzymes, and Tosi Probiotics.

tosi-complete-kitSo what is Tosi?

The Tosi Health System is the result of 12 years of research, development and perfecting, by Doctors, Industry Experts, Athletes, Fussy Eaters and Skeptics.

The reward for all of this effort is a system that helps to provide a nutrient and anti-oxidant rich combination that helps to eliminate cravings and balance your body. Not only that, it’s delicious, it’s faster than ‘Fast Food’, very affordable, convenient and portable.

Team Tosi has found that the human body does not crave calories, but nutrients, in the same way that holding your breath results in an undeniable oxygen craving. Once you deliver the proper, ultra low-glycemic nutrients, the cravings go away and your body is able to run optimally.

The Tosi Health System delivers nutrients in a way that is very efficient for the body to breakdown and absorb. Those nutrients are also Organic & Gluten-Free. Tosi Health is diabetic safe and does not cause blood sugar spikes, gas or bloating.

tosi reviewI received Tosi Super Bites in almond and cashew flavors, Tosi Complete Greens, and Tosi Complete Meal vanilla.  I love that the products are organic.  Tosi Complete Meal is the first meal replacement shake that I have found that is organic and that is important to me.  It is ultra low on the glycemic index which is also important to me as I was diagnosed as a diabetic last year.  It is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.  It is whole-food nutrition with fast-food convenience.  It has 20 grams of bio-available protein, helps control hunger and cravings, and has less than a gram of sugar.  It is great for athletes, moms on the go, students between classes, and even for people like me who are trying to lose weight.  I love that I can just add 2 scoops to 8-12 ounces of water, shake, and enjoy.  I choose the vanilla flavor as I like to add other flavors to it with things like essential oils (lime, orange, cinnamon, and other favors), powdered peanut butter, fat free pudding mix, etc. to change up the flavor so I’m not drinking a vanilla shake every day.  To me vanilla is more versatile but that is just personal preference.  They also sell a chocolate version.  The Tosi Complete Meal fills me up for hours.  It says to make it with water but I like making it with almond milk as well.  Either way it is very creamy, thick, filling and delicious.

tosi greens and tosi complete mealTosi Complete Greens are a great way to get your extra veggies in without eating a ton of fruits and veggies. They are a super food powerful antioxidant that has special enzymes to assist in absorption.  Each ultra-high-quality antioxidant power drink provides 20 servings of fruit and vegetables per scoop.  It is an organic blend of enzymes and probiotics that aid in healthy digestion and absorption.  It helps alkalize the pH of the body.  It naturally detoxifies and boosts the immune system.  Simply mix one scoop in 8 ounces of water, shake, and enjoy.  I really enjoy drinking my greens each day.  I have tried greens from other companies but I like that Tosi packs in lots of great ORGANIC fruits and veggies PLUS other things like ginkgo biloba, echinacea, royal jelly, probiotic cultures, and enzymes.  I feel like drinking my greens is one more healthy thing I am doing for myself each day.

SuperBites ImageMy favorite Tosi products are the Tosi Super Bites.  They are made with only a few simple ingredients- Organic Almonds or Cashews, Organic Golden Flaxseed, White Sesame Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, and Sea Salt.  Chia and flax are so good for you!  Both have a nutty taste and make a great, filling snack.  They provide a great pick-me-up of energy during my mid-afternoon.  They have 2 servings per package so be careful not to eat it all at once.  It’s so yummy, you’ll want to eat it all so I always grab a resealable baggie when I eat one so I can put the other half right in the baggie and not eat it like I might be tempted to.  I now keep Tosi Super Bites in my purse so I always have a healthy snack handy so I won’t be tempted to eat things I shouldn’t.  They are one of the best tasting, healthy snacks I have had.  No more yucky but healthy bars from the health food store.  I’ve got Tosi Super Bites!

I love that Tosi products work for both people looking to have/maintain better health and people who are looking to lose weight.  Check out the chart below to see the different guides for using Tosi.
tosi chart

Here’s some of the science behind Tosi:

Why 95 % of all diets fail is really quite simple. Your body is under-nourished, and all diets require you to take in less food. Let’s be clear: our bodies are craving nutrients — not calories. Much in the same way holding your breath triggers an undeniable craving for oxygen. Most hunger pangs are not a signal for more calories; they are a signal for more nutrients. A nutrient-rich body does not send out a hunger signal every time the stomach is empty. The Tosi Health System works because it delivers the simplest and most convenient sources of Ultra-Low Glycemic nutrients available on the market today. Vitamin stores sell thousands of products you simply do not need. The first step toward health is to prepare your body to properly absorb nutrients. Stomach acid is designed to assist digestion but, by design, it is not supposed to be the primary source for digestion. You have a built-in, limited supply of digestive enzymes. The modern diet of processed foods consumes that supply more quickly than designed. That’s why, as we get older, it seems there are more foods that no longer “agree” with us. That’s why 65% of American adults are lactose intolerant and cannot digest milk products. It is because the lactase enzyme that you were born with, has been depleted.

Nutrient Absorption:

Step 1 in nutrient absorption is taking digestive enzymes when you eat. This is vital. In order for your intestines to absorb nutrients, your food must be broken down to its smallest nutrient base. This allows the nutrients to flow in between the micro villi that are located in the large intestine, where nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream. So what do you think has more actual surface area: a tile floor or carpet? Carpet, right? Just like the carpet in your home, your intestinal villi have enough surface area to cover a tennis court. Now imagine that tennis court is covered with solar panels. If you are covering those panels with sludge, the sun’s rays are not going to be absorbed. This brings us to step 2 of absorption. Ideally, you must maintain a level of 85% beneficial bacteria with 15% bad bacteria in the intestinal tract, for optimal function and health. The modern diet combined with overeating and antibiotic-rich meat, continually challenges the healthy bacteria ratio. Eating cultured or fermented food sources like yogurts or Kim chi are not the solution, since most of those beneficial cultured bacteria are killed by the gastric stomach acid. You must take probiotics in properly insulated cellulose capsule form, on an empty stomach, daily, upon rising.

Tosi’s cellulose coated capsules travel through the digestive tract, to the large intestine; the beneficial bacteria of the Probiotic is then properly released and absorbed. This replenishing of beneficial bacteria, before the day’s meals, keeps your villi clean and available to absorb nutrients.

The other component your body needs is a plant-based source of ultra-low glycemic nutrients for optimal body function. The first step is adding an easily digestible source of protein. Most protein powders fall short because they don’t contain the properly enzymes. The Tosi Complete Meal shake is ideal because it contains the necessary digestive enzymes and is a unique formula which floods your body with plant-based antioxidants. This, along with probiotics, is critical for immune support.

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