Happiness and Health for your Amazing Aging Doggy

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Your loyal furry chum has been a member of your family for many years; you have been through thick and thin together but he remains loyal and by your side no matter what. As you know dogs tend to age much quicker than us spritely humans so it is important that we provide them with the proper care and attention they deserve. When it comes to older dog care, you might need to tweak your regular routine in order to accommodate their needs. Perhaps they need a little extra attention when it comes to their teeth or maybe they need to take shorter walks throughout the day. You are the only person who knows your dog inside and out so it is up to you as the loving owner to make their life as peaceful as possible when they get older. If you are unsure where to begin, then these ideas will be a good starting point for you. Make sure everybody in the family is aware of these important changes and you will have no trouble adjusting your life to suit your senior doggy.

Terrific Teeth

Taking care of your fluffy friend’s teeth is even more important when they get older. They can start to suffer from bad breath, dental issues and even gum disease just like you. You might want to invest in chew toys to help keep their teeth strong and healthy; similarly you could find trudog spray useful, as it is an all-natural dental spray for dogs. As long as you keep an eye on their dental health and take them for regular check-ups, you should never have a problem with their terrific teeth.


Excellent Exercise

Getting an elderly dog to stretch their legs and go for long walks just like they used to when they were a pup isn’t going to be as easy as you think. Just as our muscles and bones age, so does your furry friend. You need to allow them to go at their own pace during a walk, instead of forcing them to go for miles without a rest. Consider taking them for a drive in the car and then allowing them to run around a field for a short time.

Nourishing Nibbles

Your dog might have a change in appetite as they get older, so this is nothing to be too concerned about. Make sure you continue to offer their normal food to them as well as the occasional treat. You might get a recommendation from your vet for a specific dog food that is good for your type of canine. As long as they are eating little and often and consuming plenty of water, you shouldn’t worry about their appetite changing a little bit.

Lots of Love

Your old dog needs and wants just as much love and affection as they did when they were a lively little puppy. Although they might not be bouncing around the walls quite as much you can still shower them in cuddles and belly rubs until they’re bored of it (which they never will be!). Older dogs much prefer gentle affection so as long as you keep showing them that you care, you will always have a happy and loyal friend.Image


Clever Care

Keeping on top of your vet appointments is extremely important when your dog is getting older. You never know when they might spot something that you hadn’t already noticed about your dog’s health. Similarly, they can often ease your mind of all the stresses that you aren’t sure about when your dog is getting older. A small change in their health might not be as worrying as you think, but it is always best to seek out advice from the vet if you are unsure.

Magic Medicine

Your dog might need to have a boost in their medication as they get older, simply because they can have more ongoing health problems now. They may need to take regular painkillers, arthritis medication or extra supplements to keep their bones strong and healthy. You should never feel reluctant to give you pup more medicine as they get older as they might just benefit from the extra boost in vitamins.        

Fantastic Friend

You might find it beneficial to get your canine a new furry friend of his own to keep him company. Only you know the best thing for your dog, so you might not think this will be helpful to them. If you have to go out to work every day and leave your old dog at home for a long amount of time then you might want to get some sort of other pet to keep him company or even hire a dog sitter to check in on him regularly throughout the day.Image

Perfect Playing

Your dog might not be able to play quite as energetically as he used to, so make sure you tailor your games to suit his new needs. He might not be able to run quickly for the ball anymore, so don’t force him to use up all of his energy all at once.

Cozy Comforts

When a dog gets a little older they tend to crave more home comforts and cozy items that make them feel safe. Make their bed feel extra comfy with a new blanket or a pillow that smells like you. Treat them to a new cuddly toy that makes them feel super comfy and cozy all day long.

So make your gorgeous dog feel like he’s ten years younger by switching up their day to day routine. Feed them delicious and nutritious foods that make them feel energised and revitalised. Approach this process holistically without causing too much stress or change to your household. Stock up on nourishing treats, try out less strenuous dog walks and adjust their home comforts to make them feel at ease. There are so many ways to make your aging dog feel good as new, just pay that little extra bit of care and attention to them and they will have the happiest few years ahead of them.


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