Fun with Lalaloopsy Tinies and Lalaloopsy Girls April Sunsplash and Tippy Tumblina and Lalaloopsy Tinies

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lalaloopsy girlsThe Lalaloopsy Girls are all grown up!  Do you have a girl who likes fashion dolls?  She’ll love Lalaloopsy Girls.  They each come with removable clothes, interchangeable feet (shoes), a fun pet, and a comb to comb their fun, curly lanyard hair.  They are the size of regular fashion dolls so they are great for girls that love Lalaloopsy and want to play with an older doll.  My girls are 9 and 11 and both love playing with their Lalaloopsy Girls.  They make of cute stories that they act out with their dolls in their dollhouse.

Lalaloopsy Girls are best friends are now roommates as they live and learn and laugh at the silliest and funniest school in the land- The Lalaloopsy Academy for the Learning Arts (L.A.L.A)!  You can find lots of fun videos, games, and more on the Lalaloopsy website.

Each Doll Features:

• Each Lalaloopsy Girls™ character has a unique personality based on what she was made from
• Features fun lanyard hair for immersive hair play
• Includes comb
• Includes adorable pet swan
• Sewn on Date: February 2nd (Two-Two, or Tutu)
• Totally collectible!


lalaloopsy april sunsplashCheers! I’m April Sunsplash and I was sewn from a rainbow umbrella. I can’t imagine any day better than this one, except maybe tomorrow? Anything bright and rainbowy and happy is always my favorite, and my pet toucan is like having a sunshiny friend with me all the time! I smile in every class, even Cloud Sculpting 101, because I make rainbows instead of clouds!  

lalaloopsy tippy tumbelinaWelcome! I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Tippy Tumblelina and I was sewn from a ballerina’s tutu. My pet swan is the best understudy any prima ballerina could ever ask for! Ballet is great and all but together Swan and I have mastered all types of dance from boogie to tango but our favorite dance of all time is FLASH MOBS!!!

Click on the images below and drag the picture to see it move.  We had fun making these short stop action “movies”.



DSC_0049 (1024x681)

DSC_0061 (1024x681)



DSC_0066Want to take Lalaloopsy fun with you?  These Lalaloopsy Tinies are beyond adorable and oh so collectible!


lalaloopsy tiniesThe world of Lalaloopsy is now tinier than ever – introducing Lalaloopsy Tinies! Not only are your favorite Lalaloopsy characters sew tiny, they also have soft, lanyard hair! Each package comes with 3,  5, or 10 different Tinies with fun hair to style! Each stands 1.5″ tall.  Most can stand on her own except the mermaid one we received because she has a tail of course!  My 9 year old has always loved to take figures with her wherever she goes and Lalaloopsy Tinies are perfect for that.  I’ll admit I am even drawn to them for their sheer cuteness and fun, curly lanyard hair that is springy and fun to play with.  They are so collectible, too!  There are various packs to collect as well as adorable houses, and more!  Which ones do you have?

lalaloopsy tinies tinies

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