Can Plastic Surgery Really Boost Your Self-Confidence?

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How many times have you spun around in a frenzy in the dressing room of a clothes store? It doesn’t seem to matter what angle you look at it, none of the dresses of the rails suit you. It is very easy to despair and become very upset. At the very least, we tend to just grab the one that is prettiest on the hanger in the hope it will miraculously flatter us in some way.

When you have been through every high street clothes store and still not found a single dress that hangs right on you, it is easy to crumple up into tears. You may work hard in the gym to sculpt your body. You may stick to the strictest of diets. But still, nothing fits you right. You’re not the right shape for the clothes in the stores, and it doesn’t matter how hard you worked to change it. This can be seriously damaging to your self-confidence.

9640944928_f775f109e9_zPerfect Dress pic courtesy of Mathilda Samuelsson

When looking at celebrity and model photos, it is hard to feel beautiful. Aside from all the airbrushing, their body shapes are so perfect it hardly seems real. The truth is a lot of them aren’t real. They have had cosmetic enhancement to give them that perfect hourglass shape that holds dresses up perfectly in the front. So why aren’t you having breast implants?

  1. Bad press: The newspapers have seen lots of stories about dodgy implants causing problems. When health scares are made public, the problems are quickly fixed. So long as your preferred surgeon is qualified and regulated, your implants should be fine.
  2. Price: You may ask your local clinic how much is breast implants and be pleasantly surprised by the answer. Implants are much cheaper today than they ever have been. This is thanks to changes in technology and popularity driving the costs down. It’s possible to get enhancements on credit, but if your chest is causing significant health problems or distress, the NHS may be able to help. Talk to your GP if you are concerned.
  3. Fear: Having a surgeon ‘man-handle’ our breasts can be incredibly uncomfortable psychologically. Undergoing surgery and a general anaesthetic is frightening for any reason and should not be undertaken lightly. The challenge of explaining our new, full chest can be frighteningly embarrassing. If you have always padded your bras to give the illusion of substance there, you are likely to suffer a little in this area. Generally speaking, if even padding can’t keep a dress in your size up in front, having surgery may be the only answer. More than 30,000 procedures are undertaken every year in the UK, making each surgery statistically safer.

It would be wonderful to be able to wear a dress that fits us well, without that bagginess at the front threatening to literally expose us. The cost of asking a dressmaker to adjust your entire wardrobe could be on par with breast enlargement surgery, but over your lifetime could be substantially more. As with all surgery, there can be complications and risks, so be certain to find out all the facts from your surgeon before undertaking your cosmetic enhancement. Cosmetic surgery can certainly give your confidence a boost when it enables you to wear every-day fashion with pride.

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