5 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Vaping

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It is incredible to see how vaping has become a hobby for millions. A few years ago, many saw vaping as another one-time trend that would die down soon after it went mainstream. Today, vaping is more than just a casual hobby. There are competitions, more gear to choose from, and a wealth of flavors to keep those who enjoy vaping entertained.

If you are thinking about trying vaping or getting into vaping as a hobby, you are not alone. The number of people who are vaping is growing by the day. This is apparent when you start browsing through the websites of retailers, especially when you notice the wealth of options available. Before you start, let’s take a look at the five things you need to know about vaping.

You Don’t Have to Be a Cloud Chaser

Many who enjoy vaping choose to chase cloud. Cloud-chasing is basically when you customize your kit – your vaporizer – in order to produce as much vapor as possible. Cloud-chasers are a big part of the vaping community, but you don’t have to be one to really enjoy vaping as a hobby. There is more to this lifestyle than producing thick clouds.

Some mods and atomizers are designed more for producing the best flavors rather than the thickest cloud. Browse through the catalog of vape pens on Blazed Vapes and you will find a lot of starter kits designed for the best flavors. These are the starter kits to grab if you want to sample different flavors and enjoy the best vape juice the way they are designed.

Another big group of vaping enthusiasts is the geek. Vape geeks are more interested in the gear and pushing mods, atomizers, and accessories to the limit. They are the sparks that lit new trends like RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and squonk mods. You too can get into customizing your kit, choosing the best atomizer, and even building your own if you like.

It Will Not Break the Bank

There is a big misconception about vaping that scares many people from trying. Many believe that vaping is an expensive hobby. In a way, this is correct. There are a lot of high-end mods, atomizers, and accessories, and they will cost you a fortune. They usually offer unique features, made of the best materials, or are collectibles that enthusiasts really love.

Go past those special items, however, and you will find that vaping is very affordable. For starters, kits that come with everything you need to start vaping can now be purchased for as little as $15. Even top-notch kits like the SMOK Alien kit, capable of channeling 220W of power to the included TFV8 Baby Beast atomizer by SMOK, are starting to become more affordable.

The price drop is also apparent in the vape juice department. Again, you only need to browse through retailers’ websites to know how you can now buy bottles of vape juice at great prices. Blazed Vapes has an extensive catalog of vape juice and flavors that are reasonably priced, and they are all good starting points if you are new to this hobby.

There’s a Community to Join

Another thing about vaping is that it can be, well, confusing. You have to choose the right starter kit to buy in order to enjoy a good vaping experience from the start. Once you are into vaping as a hobby, you would also want to explore other atomizers and accessories. You’ll start looking into RDAs and how you can make your own coils.

As with many other popular hobbies, there are big communities behind the popularity of vaping. Most of the vaping communities can be found online. You can join online forums, be part of vaping Facebook pages or groups, and connect with fellow vaping enthusiasts on other social media channels.

There are offline communities too. Even better, many online vaping communities have meetings and get-togethers. The meets are designed to allow members to test new flavors, discuss mods and atomizers, and connect on a more personal level. Other times, you can get exclusive discounts and special offers just by being a member of a vaping community.

You Have to Know the Etiquette

Vaping was seen as a bad thing for a brief period of time, and the main reason behind this is the way vaping enthusiasts carried themselves in certain situations. We heard stories about people vaping on an airplane or causing problems in public places. That’s not how you enjoy vaping. As a matter of fact, those acts are frowned upon by the rest of the community too.

Learning how to be a good vaping enthusiast is just as fun as reading reviews of the latest mods and atomizers. Just because vaping is not the same as smoking, it doesn’t mean you can go ahead and vape wherever you are. You still need to be courteous and to vape only when you are absolutely certain that it is okay to vape.

Some places, including restaurants, now put up signs that say: “No Vaping.” Other places are not so obvious. If you are not sure about whether you are allowed to vape in a public place, ask first before getting your kit out. Also, avoid vaping when there are children around.


One last thing to know about vaping is that it is a vast hobby just waiting to be explored. As mentioned before, you have plenty of gear and accessories to choose from. The options are even more varied when it comes to flavors and vape juice sizes. Part of the fun of vaping is exploring those options and trying to find the perfect combination that suits you personally.

Once again, being a part of the vaping community near you helps. You don’t have to buy full bottles just to try a new flavor. When you don’t like the RDA you pick for your mod, you can sell it to other community members. The exploration is as much fun as vaping. You will be able to get into vaping as a hobby the more you explore today’s vaping scene.

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