PackIt Freezable Picnic Bag Review

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PackIt freezable bags work just like a refrigerator on the go, chilling food and drinks up to 10 hours. The secret is the cooler’s freezable gel liner. Once the bag is frozen, its walls generate waves of cold air that chill your food and drinks from all sides.

Here’s how it works:


My family and I like to take a lot of day trips. We usually throw some snacks and drinks into a plastic cooler and fill it with ice and then hit the road. There have been so many times that our food ends up mushy because of the melted water. Ugh!  Nobody wants mushy food. That’s why I was super thankful we found the PackIt Freezable Picnic Bag.



I love that it has enough space to pack for a nice family picnic, and the built-in shoulder strap makes it so easy to carry. All you have to do is store the cooler in your freezer for a 12 hour period and it’s ready to go all day long. Throw in your favorite items and enjoy your day. Super easy!




We have used it several times now and I just love how convenient it is to use.



It has so much room and is able to hold food and drinks for my family of four. We have kept our food cold for hours without any issues. The walls of the cooler have always stayed frozen and cold. I’m so in love with it and I will never go back to my old cooler.

You can purchase PackIt freezable coolers directly from the PackIt website or from places like Amazon.  Check out the PackIt website for more details!


About the company: PackIt makes a variety of coolers that you store in your freezer until you are ready to pack it with whatever you would like. They feature a patented eco-gel liner which eliminates the need for ice cubes or gel packs. All coolers are FREE of lead, PVC and BPA, as well as non-toxic, earth safe, and reusable. It keeps food cool up to 10 hours making you able to take healthy meals on the go. They offer fashion-forward, trendy designs.

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