10 Swimwear Trends to Watch For in 2017

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10 Swimwear Trends to Watch For in 2017

It may be 20 degrees outside right now, but swimwear season is just a few short months away. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to spend long, lazy afternoons lounging by the pool or splashing in the waves at the beach. If you’re on the lookout for a new swimsuit in the 2017 season, check out these trends to keep you fashionable while you’re having fun.

1. Retro-Inspired

From polka-dotted bikinis to striped one-piece swimsuits, retro-inspired suits are in style for the 2017 season. If you prefer full coverage styles, choose a one-piece. For the best of both worlds, choose a bikini with full bottoms and a top that ties in the back.

2. Bridal Suits

A white, lacy swimsuit may not be for everyone, but it’s the perfect trend if you’re planning a destination wedding or a tropical honeymoon this spring or summer. Bridal-inspired suits are available in a range of styles. Choose a single-piece or bikini, full coverage or something super sexy. Regardless of which one you choose, strangers at the beach will be just as enamored by your beautiful choice as your partner is.

3. Halter Tops

Do you want your 2017 swimsuit to be the perfect mixture of modest and sexy? Try a bikini with a halter top. Full coverage options leave a lot to the imagination, but you can go a bit sexier by opting for a bikini top that has sheer inserts or lace cutouts.

4. Nude Tones

From lipstick to stilettos, nude shades have taken the fashion world by storm in 2016 and they show no signs of stopping before the 2017 swimsuit season. Low-cut, V-neck single-piece suits are modest without looking frumpy. If you prefer, choose something sexier in the form of a bikini with lace-up sides or rhinestone embellishments.

5. Wild Prints

Leopard print is out. This season’s swimsuits are all about geometric shapes, bright florals, and tribal-inspired prints. Small prints or prints in only two colors are classic and understated while bright, multi-colored prints attract attention. Dress up either style with ruffles, cut-outs, lace, or other embellishments.

6. Tasseled Swimsuits

Part your grandmother’s doily and part cowboy-themed getup, tasseled swimsuits add an ornamental theme to an otherwise basic swimsuit in 2017. Full-coverage options can include tassels on the back or hips to add style. If you prefer sexier swimsuits, choose a bikini with tassels on the top to draw eyes up. Tasseled suits are casual enough for a daytime pool party but flirty enough to wear to an evening on the beach.

7. Plunging Necklines

If you’ve always loved Jennifer Lopez’s dress circa the Grammy Awards in 2000, you’ll want to snatch up this 2017 swimsuit trend. One-piece swimsuits with necklines that plunge to the belly button or even lower are sexy and revealing without risk of it all falling out when you hit a big wave. Go classic with a statement black or white piece or choose from plenty of patterns to add personality to your style.

8. One-Shoulder Styles

If you’ve always been a bit too large-chested to comfortably wear a strapless bikini, now is your time to shine. You can get the best of both worlds with the 2017 trend of one-shoulder swimsuits. Whether you choose a full-coverage one-piece with a wide shoulder strap or a smaller bikini with daintier straps is up to you. Either way, you can mix it up with rhinestone embellishments, tassels, or one of the many prints that are popular this season.

9. Ballet-Inspired Styles

Swimsuits don’t have to be bold to be sexy. Fashionistas who prefer dainty or sophisticated styles will adore the season’s ballet-inspired swimsuits. From traditional leotard looks to tutu-covered bikini bottoms and sheer cover-ups, ballet styles are elegant yet appropriate for the beach. Toss on a pair of ballet flats as the perfect accessory for this look.

10. Bold Accessories

Regardless of which 2017 swimsuit trend you choose, you’ll likely want to accessorize. Classic flip flops or flats paired with a wide-brimmed hat and big sunglasses are perfect for a casual afternoon at the beach. Are you going to a swanky rooftop pool party? Swap out the flip flops for strappy sandals and skip the hat in favor of classic beach waves. Keep the glasses, though, and no matter where you swim, don’t forget the sunscreen!

When choosing your 2017 swimsuit, the most important rule of trends is to skip the ones that don’t work for you. If you don’t like a style, don’t spend money on it. Focus on the ones that make you feel happy, beautiful, and confident instead.

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