Why You Really Need Vegetables In Your Dinner Dishes

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As a parent, you’ve likely told your kids that they need to eat vegetables. You’ve likely tried to prepare meals that they’ll like with vegetables. Heck, this is probably something that your parents drilled into you at a very early age. Despite this, you’d still be surprised at the number of people that aren’t eating their daily requirement of vegetables, which is truly scary when you look at things from a health standpoint. Vegetables not only contain essential nutrients and vitamins, but they have the power to increase your overall quality of life. Whatever the situation is, you need to be consuming vegetables with your dinner dishes, and here are the main reasons why.

Reducing The Risk Of Cancer

When it comes to consuming vegetables, the biggest takeaway that you’ll get is their power to prevent and possibly cure cancer. How do vegetables possess healing or preventive properties for the symptoms of or diagnoses of cancer? Well, it seems that it has been discovered that vitamin C plays a huge role when it comes to cancer. This vitamin alone has the power to block cancer cells. And, there are tons’ vegetables on the market that are just filled with vitamin C. A red bell pepper can contain anywhere from 190mg per 100 grams, a piece of parsley can contain 130mg per 100 grams, and a single piece of broccoli could contain as much as 90mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. You can see how a single serving of vegetables could play a major role in your body’s overall ability to fight and prevent cancer cells.

Makes Your Skin More Radiant

Corrie Cooks (not me) offers tons of delectable instant pot vegetable dishes that can be whipped up in just a matter of hours. You can get them started before you head out to work, let the instant pot do its thing all day, and when you arrive home, you’ll have a nice, hearty vegetable-filled dish waiting to sustain you. However, there is one thing that all of these dishes are going to have in common besides the power to prevent cancer cells. And, that is that they are all also going to make your skin look more radiant than ever. Consuming vegetables that are high in vitamin A like carrots, tomatoes, and bell peppers can give your skin a healthier look and feel that what you’d get from spending time sun tanning. It’ll also be much safer because you won’t be exposing yourself to the sun’s potentially harmful rays.

Gets And Keeps Your Weight In Check

Too many people these days are battling obesity and diabetes. A lot of this stems from the fact that they just aren’t consuming the right foods. Vegetables are not only fulfilling and more sustaining than most other food items available today, but they contain little too near no level of fat, saturated fat, or sugar. That being said, it is not just the low-fat content that aids in weight loss and management. No, it is also the percentage of fiber and energy density found in some of these items. Consuming vegetables will simply make you feel fuller for longer periods of time, reducing cravings and the desire to snack in between meals.

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