Top Tips for Designing a Kitchen You Love

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A new kitchen is on the top of many of our home improvement wish lists. Most of us would love a large family kitchen where we can spend time together, cooking, baking, and relaxing. Many families consider their kitchen to be the heart of their home. But, this is only realistic if it’s a room that you love, and gives you everything that you need. Here are some of the best tips to help you create a kitchen that the whole family will love.

Get Some Help

If you’ve got some ideas of what you want, and enjoy taking on DIY projects, you might be tempted to go it alone when it comes to designing and installing your new home kitchen. But, this can be a mistake. Kitchens can be tickly. You need to consider plumbing, electrics, and extraction and many people find that silly mistakes or miscalculations mean that they are stuck with tiles that don’t quite match up, worktops that don’t fit properly, or in the situation of having to open one cupboard or drawer to get into another. When doing it alone, people often fail to make the most of their space, leaving corners or gaps between cupboards underutilised or impractical.

Getting help from can mean that your kitchen doesn’t just look amazing, but that it works well too. If you are getting a new kitchen, make sure it’s efficient, practical and that you make the most of all of your space. If you do decide to do the work alone, make sure you at least double and triple check all of your measurements carefully.

Look to the Future

Right now, you might want a minimal space that looks fantastic, with clean lines, shiny surfaces, and all of the modern luxuries. But, will the same be true in five years? Will you one day want to be able to bake with your children? Or give them more free reign in the kitchen? When it comes to creating a kitchen that you love, try to think about the future, avoiding current trends and fashions, and considering your own life aims to create a kitchen that will last.

A kitchen that will last also needs to be durable. Consider stone countertops and wooden floors which can take a lot of use, and are easy to clean.

Consider Layout Carefully

It’s so annoying when you cook in a kitchen that isn’t your own and you can’t find anything, or things aren’t kept in a practical order. A new kitchen is your chance to make sure your kitchen makes sense. Keep breakfast cereals by breakfast bowls, heavy objects out of reach of children, and knives somewhere safe. Then, think about your own cooking habits so that it makes sense for you, and so that you have enough room, and counter space to be able to enjoy cooking.

When planning your new kitchen, you should think about your specific needs. Do you cook from scratch a lot, and need plenty of preparation space? Do you need a bigger fridge, or would you prefer more cupboards?

Our kitchens can be very personal as we all use them differently. Think about who uses your kitchen, how and what you cook, and work with a professional to create the kitchen that you need, instead of just something that looks the part.

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