The Health Benefits of Having a Dog

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If you think that 2019 might be the year that your family gets a pet, then there are so many reasons why it can be good for families with children. It can help to foster confidence in children, as well as help them to deal with things like anxiety better as well. But did you know that a dog can do wonders for your health too? There are many benefits to getting a dog and it can be so very rewarding. If you need a little more convincing, then here are some of the benefits that come from being a dog owner.image

Heart Health

Having a dog can make your heart feel more full as it is something else in your life to love and care for. But on a practical level, having a dog can actually help to improve the health of your heart. Having a dog companion is related to having low blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels that both play a massive part in your overall health and heart health. When you have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, you are at much lower risk of having a heart attack.

Fitness Levels

One piece of advice for dog owners is that you should get out and about and play with your dog as much as possible. So with that in mind, it shows that keeping active and improving your fitness levels is something that can happen when you have a dog. They will want to be out and about, running around and being played with, so you will need to be doing the same. This kind of activity is great throughout our lives as walking is pretty low impact, but can help us as we age to keep our strength up and keep our muscles and joints working as they should be.

Social Life

It can be harder and harder to get out and meet people, especially as we get older or move to new areas. But with a dog, there are many opportunities to meet other people and be more social. From puppy training classes, to just chatting in the park, there are more reasons to be social when you have a dog. Dog walkers speak to each other out on walks, so it can be a good way to meet local people. All of which can be good for you; your mental health especially.

Reduction in Stress

There is a reason why many people get a pet for therapy, and why therapy pets are a thing. When you spend time with a dog, it can help to reduce your anxiety levels, bring your blood pressure down, and help to make you feel overall more happy, as your happy hormones are increased. It has also been shown that people perform stressful tasks better when they have a dog around them, so it can be a great way to ease tension in your life and be a great way to reduce your stress levels (having a knock-on impact to your health).

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