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Woman Stretching in Bed with a Man Sleeping Beside Her
I know what I am about to say is a generalization and  doesn’t hold true for all men and women but I am sure many can relate.
At night when I get tired I want to just go to sleep but there are usually 101 things I need to do or should I say I feel that I need to do.  I know this is common for many women.  Unlike our male counterparts, we don’t just get tired and decide to go to sleep.  Sometimes hubby falls asleep before our girls even do.  When he is tired, that’s it.  He’s done for the day and he falls asleep.  Sometimes he even falls asleep on the couch and I have to get him up to bed.  I never do that.  Most women don’t do that.  We try to push forward and get as much done as we can.  As women we make school lunches, we write notes to teachers, we do dishes, we clean the dinner table, we make sure our kids put their homework in their backpacks, we make sure the pets are taken care of, we make sure the litter box was scooped, we make sure toys were put away, we make sure the lights are turned off, we make sure our children are tucked safely in bed, we plan and think about the following day, and most of us do so much more on the way upstairs before we get into bed.  That’s not even including washing our faces, our facial products routines, and all of our other nightly rituals.

But I have made a promise to myself.  Tomorrow is a new day.  When I am done for the day I will really be DONE FOR THE DAY.  Taking care of our pets, making school lunches, and other things like that can be done earlier in the day by my children.  I can take care of writing notes to teachers and other things like that before dinner.  And anything else will just wait until the next day.  The dishes will still be there in the morning.   Life WILL go on.  The world will not stop turning.  And I will get more sleep so I will be more well rested for a new day with my family making me a much happier mommy.

Who wants to join me on being DONE FOR THE DAY when our minds and bodies are done for the day?

TIP~ I keep a notepad on my night table for my nightly “BRAIN DUMP” as I call it.  If I remember something that I need to do, I don’t have to get out of bed, I just write it down so I can forget about it until the morning.  My BRAIN DUMPS help a lot!

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Polar Pillow Product Review and Giveaway

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Are you a pillow flipper?  Always looking for the “cool” side of your pillow?  I can’t sleep when I am hot and I was constantly flipping my pillow over to try to find the “cool” side so I could get comfortable to fall asleep.  I saw someone mention the Polar Pillow and I had to try it myself.  The Polar Pillow is a unique pillow that is filled with a liquid cooling gel.  It doesn’t require batteries or anything special to cool.  It takes the coolness from the air and releases it on your skin when you put your head on it.  It stays cool for up to 2 hours but if you put the special included Turbo-Cooling Pack inside it will stay cool all night.  

I don’t always put the Turbo-Cooling Pack inside my Polar Pillow.  I keep it in the freezer for when I really want to cool my pillow down but sometimes I just use my Polar Pillow on it’s own and it is still pretty cool.  It took a little getting used to as the Polar Pillow doesn’t feel like a regular pillow.  It is smaller than a standard size pillow but can fit inside a standard pillow case with the ends tucked in.  It weighs 12 pounds from the cooling gel which is what I really had to get used to.  It is firm but malleable so it conforms to your head’s shape.  I’ve always slept on multiple pillows so I put my Polar Pillow on top of my regular old pillow but I find the Polar Pillow comfortable itself.  When I first tried it I described it to my husband as a mini waterbed for my head because of the way my head comfortably fit into the pillow and moved with the cooling gel inside.

It is much easier to fall asleep now that I am using my Polar Pillow.  I use it with a pillowcase to keep it clean and I can feel the cooling effect within about 10 seconds of laying my head down.  One tip that I noticed is that after I take out the Turbo-Cooling Pack I wipe the inside of the Polar Pillow out because sometimes it gets a little moist inside from the condensation of the Turbo-Cooling Pack when it is frozen.  Once you get off of the Polar Pillow it takes about 20 minutes for it to cool off again which is great when I wake up in the middle of the night so I can have it cool down and get me back to sleep again.  If you like sleeping on a cool pillow and/or have trouble falling asleep this just might be the pillow for you.  Check out these thermal images showing the cooling effect that the Polar Pillow has.Here’s a picture of my Polar Pillow with my hand in it to show it’s size.

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