A Guide to Feeling Good About Yourself Again

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It happens to us all at one time or another. Feelings of doubt creep in, and we start to believe that we aren’t up to scratch. Maybe you’ve just had a baby, put on a little weight, or gone through a breakup. Whatever is making you feel this way, there are ways you can overcome it. This guide is designed to do just that. Enjoy:

feel good about yourself
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Stop With the Negative Thoughts

We all have those negative thoughts creep in from time to time, but you mustn’t let them get the better of you. You wouldn’t speak to your friends the way you speak to yourself in your head, so why are you treating yourself this way? Try to speak to yourself as if you are a friend that you really care about. You’ll soon feel better. Be your own best friend!

Take Time for Yourself

It’s important to take time to yourself, even if you have just had a baby. Make sure you do things alone every once in a while so you don’t lose sense of who you are. Read a book. Take a walk. Meditate. Clear your mind. Whatever it takes!

Dress Confidently

Dressing confidently in clothes that you like will help you to feel better about any situation. There’s a saying that states a girl can conquer the world with the right shoes, and this is almost certainly true. Dress for your shape, and don’t try to hide under baggy, shapeless garments. Whether you’re into fashion or not, it’s important to play up your best features and make and effort. Don’t forget to wear great underwear, like Le Beau Lingerie, too. Nobody else will know you’re wearing it, but it can still impact the way you feel.

Fake It

Even if you don’t feel happy, fake it! Your brain will soon start to believe you are happy and produce more endorphins. ‘Fake it till you make it’ – there’s another great saying for you!

Listen to Happy Music

Happy, upbeat music will always get you through a bad day. Whether you need the radio or an iPod, listen to happy music whenever you can. It really does have the ability to turn your mood around.

Do Things That Make You Laugh

Read funny books, watch funny TV programs, listen to funny podcasts. Those are just a few of the things you can do that are sure to help you crack a smile. The more you laugh in life, the better!

See Your Friends

Although you should be your own best friend, seeing your friends is still very important. Go for coffee and lunch dates, invite them round for a cup of tea, or go out on a night out with them. Do whatever it takes to feel like you’re not alone, even if it’s only for an hour.

Treat yourself with respect the same way you’d treat somebody you love. If you do that, and take the rest of this advice, you’ll feel amazing. Trust me!


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