How Much Preservatives Are In YOUR Favorite French Fries?

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french friesOne of my daughter’s friends did her science fair project on how fast French Fries get old, moldy, and rotten.  The pictures on the left of the image above are part of her project and show what Wendy’s fries, McDonald’s fries, and homemade fries looked like after 6 days.  You can already see Wendy’s fries and the homemade fries starting to rot.  I was volunteering in my daughter’s class the other day and the children were taking their projects home after having been in the classroom for over a month (making the fries about 2 months old) and I just had to take this picture.  The Wendy’s fries actually started eating through the baggie and the homemade fries were also pretty rotten.  But look at the McDonald’s French fries.  They look almost the same as they did 2 months earlier.  CRAZY!  How much preservatives are in them?!?!

I shouldn’t be eating any fried, greasy foods but I certainly won’t be eating another McDonald’s French fry again!!!!

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