My Favorite Apps For Life After Weight Loss Surgery

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I highly recommend the following 2 apps to track food and water.

Baritastic is great for tracking everything you eat as it tracks not only calories but protein, carbs, etc.


One REALLY important thing to remember when you have bariatric surgery is to chew small bites for 30 seconds, wait 1 minute between bites, wait 30 minutes after eating to drink, and wait 15 minutes after drinking to eat. Baritastic also has a great timer that times all that for you.

Water Drink Reminder– You can set it for any interval you want so I have it set to remind me to drink every 20 minutes IF I’m behind in my water for the day. So if I start the day drinking say 8 oz then it won’t remind me for a while until I should have had more than 8 oz by that time of the day. So it sort of paces me if that makes sense. I had to put a fake weight in it though to get it to track 64 oz of water since that is my daily goal. With my real weight I had to drink more according to the app.

13210907_10153495627451770_2033078546_oSee the bar on top? So the triangle on the bottom moves throughout the day so you know how much you should have had to drink to be on track for the day. You can set your awake hours so it only reminds you and tracks your drinking during those hours. Mine is set to start at 8 and go until 11. And my kids get a kick out of the alarm sound I picked (water being poured).

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