Bladder Leakage is No Laughing Matter #Underwareness #DropYourPants

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bladder leakage

Did you know that there are 65 MILLION people that suffer from bladder leakage?

Growing up I never understood why my mother had to go to the bathroom so often, especially if she had been laughing or sneezing.  Then I had children of my own.  Pee a little when laughing too much?  Check!  Pee a little when sneezing?  Check!  While I only suffer from light bladder leakage myself, I had no idea just how many others out there also have some bladder leakage!  Look at these shocking facts:

More people with bladder leakage are in their 20’s than their 80’s! 
The average age of someone with bladder leakage is only 52! 
More people with bladder leakage are 50 or younger than 60 or older! 

bladder leakage3Truth be told, when I used to hear the word Depend, I used to think of big, bulky adult diapers for people in their 80’s and 90’s.  That was before I found out just how many men and women my age have bladder leakage and need to wear absorbent underwear .  I also didn’t realize that Depend provides a variety of discreet products that help people regain their freedom and get their lives back.  Totally not what I had imagined but that is probably why Depend started this campaign in the first place.  What an eye opener!

Depend Real Fit for Men and Silhouette for Women briefs: Look, fit and feel like real underwear and feature a cloth-like fabric for a sleek, ultra-smooth fit.

Depend Underwear with Fit-Flex protection: Features more Lycra stands for a smooth and comfortable close-to-the-body fit.

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Help Raise Underwareness and Money

Right now Depend has a social campaign called Drop Your Pants for Underwareness. Depend will be donate $1, up to $3 million, over the next three years to charities that advance the research, education and awareness of bladder leakage for:

-Every pant drop, photo and video shared Using #Underwareness and #DropYourPants
-Every personal video made about what Underwareness means to you that is uploaded to YouTube and tagged #Underwareness and #DropYourPants


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