Simple Ways Parents Can Boost Their Family’s Health

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For years, doctors have been telling people that if they don’t have their health, they don’t have anything. And yet, far too many people don’t make their health a priority. When no matter what, it should always come first. The key thing to remember when it comes to being healthy is the fact that the younger a healthy lifestyle is implemented, the better.

Every parent wants to ensure that their family is as healthy as possible; after all a healthy family is a happy family. For moms and dads, a big worry tends to be their children’s health. As often, kids aren’t fans of green foods and flat out refuse to eat anything that’s good for them. Children often prefer to snack on junk food instead of eating healthily.  (Junk obsessed kids are every mom’s worst nightmare!)

While many parents are crazy about their health, getting kids to understand the need to live in a healthy way can be difficult. This is especially true when it comes to younger children, as teaching them about being healthy is hard. However, the truth is, it’s not. By implementing some simple lifestyle changes, parents can boost their children’s health.

Ban the junk

This can be a hard one to do, but perseverance is key. Parents who stick with their ban on junk food will find that in time, their kids will learn to love healthy food. Yes, at first it will be hard – some tantrums should be expected, but it’s a worthwhile change to make.

Parents should chuck out all junk food, and replace it with healthy, nutritious alternatives. Crisps and biscuits should be switched for lots of fresh fruit, yogurt, and nuts and seeds. Healthy dips like low-fat hummus are also great for keeping kids full.

Making small changes, like swapping from whole milk to reduced fat milk can make a big difference to a child’s health. As can switching to natural peanut butter – it’ll taste the same but will be more nutritious.

Trick the kids into eating their greens

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As all moms know, when it comes to getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies, sometimes a white lie is needed. Often, kids say that they don’t like a certain food, such as broccoli because they don’t like how it looks. However, the chances are that if they give it a try, they’ll love the taste.

For parents who struggle to get the kids to eat their greens, making homemade soups is a fantastic idea. These can be filled with lots of nutritious veggies, and the kids will never know – tell them it’s chicken soup, and they won’t even question it.

Or, moms and dads can get vegetables into their kids by making their own pasta and curry sauces. There are lots of simple recipes online for homemade sauces, so this shouldn’t be too tricky to make. To hide the veggies, simply blend them up.

A fantastic way parents can sneak lots of fruits and vegetables into their kid’s diets is by making them homemade smoothies. Not only are smoothies ideal for hiding those healthy foods, but they also make a quick and easy breakfast. To create yummy smoothies, parents will need a blender – check out this detailed review of the Vitamix 5200 here.

For kids with a sweet tooth, healthy homemade frozen yogurt can be a big hit. All that’s needed is a pot of low-fat yogurt, some sliced fruits, and an ice cream maker or freezer. (Ice cream makers tend to have better results as the constant movement means that ice crystals don’t form.)

Become a water only family

Kids love fizzy and sugary drinks, but the truth is they’re not good for them. Some types of soda can contain more than 13 teaspoons of sugar – that’s far too much for kids to be having each day. For parents who are serious about making their family healthier, switching to water is a must.

Throw out all the soda and sugary cordials and replace them with bottles of still and sparkling water. For kids who find water boring, parents can jazz things up by infusing fruit into it – this adds a lovely subtle flavor. Fruit infusing is simple to do and can be done with both still and sparkling water. For water infusing tips and ideas, check out this tutorial.

Make weekends activity time

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Far too many families spend their weekends sat on the sofa. For parents who want healthy kids, it’s crucial that the whole family stays as active as possible. Weekends should be filled with all sorts of things keep everyone busy, such as cycling, hiking, and trips to the local pool.

Another fantastic way parents can ensure that their kids are getting enough exercise is by enrolling them in sport. From football to dance, there are plenty of excellent options for keeping kids active.

Ban TV munching

Many people don’t realize it, but when it comes to snacking, TV can be a nightmare. Far too many people, kids included, sit in front of the screen and mindlessly eat. For moms who want a healthy family, it’s a good idea to ban TV munching by making the family room a no food zone.

If this isn’t doable, parents should find ways to make TV snacking healthier. Fruit, raw veggies, and yogurt dips should be allowed, but any other foods should not. If they could, kids would munch on junk food, so it’s important that they are monitored. They may not realize it, but there are so many ways junk food affects their health.

By making TV time that bit healthier, parents can boost their children’s health. For an alternative to ice cream on movie nights, homemade sorbet can be an excellent option. It tastes delicious, but it packed full of lots of healthy fruits.

For moms and dads, it can sometimes seem impossible to make their family healthier, especially when kids are picky eaters. However, there are lots of simple ways families can become healthier, it just takes some creative thinking, that’s all.

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