Rodeo Core Compact Core Exerciser Review

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rodeo coreCan you believe this year is almost over? Sheesh! Where did the time go? With the closing of a year comes the beginning of another. And all of those super annoying New Years resolutions. Well this year my resolution is to get some more physical activity with the Rodeo Core Compact Core Exerciser that you can get on the Hammacher Schlemmer website.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 10.12.34 PMRight out of the box the Rodeo Core Compact Core Exerciser was super easy to set up.  It is mostly assembled already.  You just have to attach the foot pedals and a few other parts that took maybe 5 minutes to set up.  It is great because it uses no electricity. Which means I can use it while watching my favorite shows and movies. Exercise is always better when you don’t realize you’re doing it. The compact trainer simulates cantering on a horse to strengthen and tone the core muscles.

As the saddle rotates at a moderate 40 rpm or less, it requires the rider to engage lumbar muscles, abs, glutes, and thighs, building core strength to help prevent back injuries and improve balance and posture. A 10-minute session can burn as many calories as 200 situps or a one-hour walk. Isn’t that nuts?   I find this so easy to use that I could easily go over the suggested maximum time limit of 30 minutes per day BUT I will say that my poor tushy feels it the next day if I stay on too long. 😉

The seat and footrest can be raised or lowered to adjust to anyone’s body size. I have short legs so I was thankful for this feature. My favorite part is that it weighs half as much as most core trainers, allowing it to be moved easily between rooms or stowed away between workouts. Nothing worse than a bulky workout machine in the middle of the floor.  I put mine up against my couch as I do find that it wiggles around my tile floor a bit as I gain momentum so I suggest putting it on a rubber mat or against a couch so you stay put as you use it. Who wants to join me in my quest to get healthy in 2015?

Oh what I do for my readers!  This isn’t a very flattering video of myself but I wanted to show you just how this machine works so here you go:


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