No More Dog Food or Water On My Floor Thanks To The Neater Feeder- Review and Giveaway

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neater feeder

As you have probably read, we adopted, Cooper, a lab mix puppy last month.  He was 16 pounds and 3 months old when we adopted him.  He is now 4 months old and about 27 pounds and growing every day.  We originally purchased plastic food and water bowls for him but as active of a puppy as he is sometimes, other times he is just plain lazy and likes to lay down when he eats.  This isn’t very good for his digestion but keeping him standing up to eat was getting difficult.  Someone told me about The Neater Feeder and I knew we had to try it.  The Neater Feeder is a feeding system that comes in various sizes and can be used for both cats and dogs.

I contacted The Neater Feeder and they sent me a large Neater Feeder for dogs.  It is a little big for Cooper now but he can eat and drink from it and he will grow into it.  We also received the optional extender legs to add to the unit when he gets even bigger.  What makes the Neater Feeder different from other feeding bowls is that it is designed to contain the food and water messes that pets can make.  The bottom of the Neater Feeder is a reservoir that holds any water that gets sloshed around and spilled so it doesn’t end up on your floor.  The top has high sidewalls so food and water stay inside and keep your walls clean.  When your pet or even you knock into your Neater Feeder and spill some of the water, it simply drains down the grate in the front of the unit and gets collected in the bottom reservoir.  If any food gets spilled when the unit gets bumped, it stays right on top so your pet can still eat it without it ending up on your floor.  It really lives up to the name Neater Feeder.  It is easy to clean and because the bottom holds more than one spilled bowl of water, you can empty it at your leisure which saves you time.  Now I don’t have to constantly clean my floor around Cooper’s food and water.  I am going to buy a mat to put under the Neater Feeder but only because Cooper slobbers when he drinks but no product can contain a puppy’s slobber when he drinks and then runs away with his mouth open.  LOL
There are 4 different size Neater Feeders from the cat version to the large dog version.  Ordering the right size for your pet is easy by checking out the Neater Feeder size chart.  Cooper is much more comfortable eating standing up and not having to bend down too low for his food.  We have 3 cats and I am thinking about getting a few more Neater Feeders for them.  They are always knocking their food on the floor and tracking it all over our bedroom.  The Neater Feeder will really help with that, too.  If you have a dog or cat I highly recommend this product.  Cooper gives it 4 paws up and we’ve already shown it off and recommended it to several of our dog owning friends.

Here you can watch the Neater Feeder in action:

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  1. I would use this with my pit bull Bella.

  2. heather eg kaufman says:

    He is a Sheppard Husky mix

  3. My cats.

  4. Tina Bartunek says:

    Our 2 border collies.

  5. Sofie Herrera says:

    Our pitbull.

  6. It would be for my GrandKitty! Ha Ha

  7. Christopher Sorel says:

    my 3 cats and one is size of small dog. freeeky large

  8. I would use it for my collies!

  9. @missstellybean says:

    I would love to win for my puppy & 2 messy cats! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. JENNIFER ROE says:

    My Golden Retrievers 🙂

  11. My dog he’s a messy little thing 🙂

  12. I’d use it for my dog Calie

  13. dog

  14. Dogs

  15. My cat is the sloppiest eater….I would use it for him…

  16. Kris Wilson says:

    My two messy eater cats!

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