My 40th Birthday Vacation Cruise on the Carnival Glory Part 2 #CruisingCarnival

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Disclaimer- I received free internet service while on the cruise and dinner for 2 at the steakhouse on the ship in exchange for posting about my vacation.  I wasn’t required to write so many posts but I had a lot to say.  I received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% my own.

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Professional Photography-
It’s always hard to get good family pictures where we all look nice, we’re all looking at the camera, and everyone is smiling nicely.  Usually I am the one behind the camera so I really loved how many photo stations were on the Carnival Glory.  There were at least 10 different photo stations, each with a different backdrop and props to choose from.  There were also photographers taking pictures when we got off the ship, in the dining room, and around the ship.  We also scheduled a private photo session with a dedicated photographer who spent about 45 minutes with us.  He took us to several different locations on the ship and took pictures of us in many different poses and in different groupings.  He did a fabulous job and we loved the results.  There was no charge for the private photo session but the packages were a little pricier than the regular professional pictures on the ship but they were worth the extra money.  The pictures below are from pictures I took of the professional pictures for the purpose of this post.  The originals are AMAZING!


I could write a post called “I Was a 40 Year Old Virgin” or “I Lost My Virginity on a Carnival Cruise” but it wouldn’t be for the reason that you’re thinking. Up until our vacation I have never had a massage or a facial. I normally don’t like strangers to touch me, but I figured I would treat myself for my 40th birthday because the spot was running a special combo package. It included a full body hot stone massage and a facial. I was nervous and not sure what to expect, but the woman who gave me my massage and facial was so sweet and comforting. Before she even started she asked me a bunch of questions about my medical history, my lifestyle, and my body in general.  the massage was wonderful and I was really able to relax. I also enjoy the facial and felt so renewed when she was finished.  I was afraid that she was going to try to sell me a bunch of products but thankfully she did not go for the hard sell. She did write down some suggestions for my body because I have fibromyalgia and some suggestions for facial products, but she really didn’t push me at all. This might have been my first massage but I know it’s not going to be my last.  There was a sauna and hot tub in the spa that I unfortunately didn’t have time to take advantage of but I plan to next time.

The food, the food, the food!  I couldn’t write a post about a cruise about talking about the food. There were three different time choices available for dining in the various dining rooms- either the early seating late seating or dining any time which is what we chose for the flexibility. We like the menu included some local dishes, daily items, and some Staples that would appeal to a variety of people. The kids menu also had staples like pasta and nuggets. Let’s just say none of us went hungry.  We all enjoyed the food on the ship.  My younger daughter loves salmon and was so excited that they were able to make her salmon every night for dinner. I really enjoyed that the appetizer portions were small so I was able to try more without wasting any.  In addition to the dining room there were also many other restaurant choices and buffets, including 24-hour room service and a pizza restaurant open 24 hours a day as well.  In the evenings there was also a tasting bar that featured a different tasting  from one of the restaurants on the ship each night. We really enjoyed stopping by the tasting bar for a sample.

My favorite meal of our vacation was when my husband and I dined at the Steakhouse.  It costs $35 per person to dine at the Steakhouse but it is worth every penny.  We had several servers who waited on him foot.  It was a true gourmet dining experience including a sample appetizer made specifically for each of us from the chef. To help us choose what we wanted to eat we were shown the different cuts of meat right at our table.  My husband chose steak while I chose filet mignon and lobster tail. Both meals were incredible but the dessert was even more amazing!  We each chose the chocolate sampler that had 4 different desserts.  Each one was more delicious than the next.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect, romantic date.  I only wish I had remembered to take my camera to dinner to show everyone how yummy my dinner was.

Art Auctions-
Did you know that some ruses have in our gallery right on board?  One of my favorite parts of the cruise were the champagne art auctions.  I really enjoy seeing artwork from some of my favorite artists and also learning about artist I haven’t discovered before. The artwork usually ranges from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending upon the artist and the medium. I like it there is something for everyone’s budget and everyone’s taste. The auctions are a lot of fun, exciting, and I especially like that they also do some raffles and other giveaways. I actually won two different paintings as well as a credit to purchase other artwork. My artwork is being shipped to my house and should be arriving any day. I can’t wait to receive it and hang it up. If you’re an art lover or even if you’re not, I recommend checking out one of the art auctions on your next cruise.

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