Insect Lore Live Ladybug Land Product Review

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Disclosure: We received 1 Live Ladybug Land with live larvae from Insect Lore to facilitate our review.  We received no other compensation and all opinions are 100% our own.

I think we have a very girly girl house.  My girls love sparkles, dolls, make-up, nail polish, and more.  BUT they also love bugs!  All types of bugs.  The catch observe, and release butterflies, dragonflies, and more all the time.  We went to watch a blimp take off a few months ago and they were more interested in catching grasshoppers!  So when I saw the Live Ladybug Land from Insect Lore, I knew they would love it.  My girls were so excited to be able to see the whole ladybug life cycle first hand.  When you order the Live Ladybug Land from Insect Lore you have a choice of ordering it to be shipped with the live larvae or you can order it to be shipped with a certificate to order the live larvae later.  This is great if you are giving the Ladybug Land as a gift or if you aren’t ready to start with your live larvae yet.  When you are ready to order your live larvae you simply return the certificate with the additional shipping fee and they will ship your live larvae to you when you are ready.

Ladybug Land Larvae
Once your ladybug larvae arrive in their shipping tube, open up the small magnifying cap from the top of the habitat and empty the contents of the tube into the habitat.  The larvae and their food are in the tube so make sure it all empties into the habitat.  Then drop a few drops of water on the sponge in the top crater.  They habitat comes with a dropper to easily add water as needed.
ladybug larvae in habitat
My girls had so much fun watching their larvae move around.  They were amazed at just how different the larvae looked from a full grown ladybug.
Ladybug Pupas
In a little over a week our larvae started attaching themselves to the sides of their habitats and turning into pupas.  As pupas they still didn’t look like full grown ladybugs but there were getting close to looking that way.  My girls waited with anticipation for our ladybugs to hatch from their pupas.  For 2 girls who don’t always have patience, this was a great lesson.
Our ladybugs finally emerged from their pupas and their spots eventually darkened.  My girls were so excited to finally have ladybugs!  They observed them for a few days, fed them raisins, and then decided to release them outside.
ladybug release
We watched out ladybugs fly onto the bushes by our house.  We had hoped that they would stick around and we would see them again but when we checked several days later, we couldn’t find anyway.  This was a great learning experience for my girls.  We have watched the butterfly lifecycle in action from InsectLore and this was equally as amazing.  Once you release the ladybugs, you can clean the habitat and save it for the next time you want to order more larvae.  This is a great set for any family or classroom teacher!  We’re looking forward to ordering Insect Lore’s praying mantis kit next!


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