How the Divorce Affects Children of Different Ages?

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Completely various ages of the children truly affect their reaction to the divorce procedure itself. Sometimes children can argue with their parents, can use the inappropriate behavior, can become unpredictable and suspicious, but how to deal with them and what ages are the most dangerous towards the divorce process, we will know further in the following article. The divorce procedure influential not only on the adults but for the first time, it affects, especially children. Hope, you will enjoy this information.

1.  0-5 years old of the children

As a rule, this age is not fully reacting to the process of the divorce. When a child is too small, he/she for sure does not care about the divorce of the parents and does not realize, what has happened yet. The further process of the child’s growing depends on how well the parents have agreed to deal with the child. The spousal support plays a crucial role in such a case. With the process of growing the child step-by-step recognizes parents, their smell, smiles, their individual movements, individual intonations of voices, etc. If one of the parents does not participate in the process of the beginner growing and developing, the child will not accept such a parent as a father or mother. This person will be just a relative or somebody familiar to them. It will have its consequences in the nearest future, however, as a rule, parents think that everything is okay, and their child is too small to understand this or that point. Such a meaning is particularly wrong regarding the reaction of the child, because the parents will not be prepared for the future behavior of their children when they grow up a little bit.

  2. 6-12 years old of the children

Beginning of the school, the first fights or the first good marks are done without both parents, so children react on the divorce really in a crying way, constant asking about another parent, etc. Children are still too small to realize that parents are divorced forever and even can try to make a force major in the family to get the whole family together. They are still small but they already think that one of the parents does not love them, moreover, if the second parent who is constantly with them all the time tells them that the father or mother is wrong. Twelve years is the really interesting period when a girl is already a teen, however a boy is mentally not, so their reactions towards the divorce case can be whatever they want and feel. In such an age it is dangerous to speak about the divorce with the children, so you should just pay as much attention as you can to the child and never mention that something is wrong. You should wait till the child understands more.

  3. 13-17 years old of the children

The teen age…What can be worse and better at the same time? You want this and that, are eager to go here and there, you both love and hate all around you. In such an age the parents going to get a divorce decree have to understand that their children are not the toddlers, and they need to discuss with them that fact that a father or a mother cannot be with them due to the fact that they begin to live separately. Inside their souls the teens are also children, even more vulnerable children than ever, but they are afraid to show their real attitude to the divorce of their beloved parents. You should not tell them all the details, however, they should know at least minimum to prevent them from the inadequate reaction. They can run from home, make terrible haircuts, argue with you just to show you that they are indifferent to the current situation. As you know, it is not the very truth.You are dealing with the teens carefully, and everything will be rather well.

  4. 18-21 years old of the children

With the coming-of-age period the children are not children anymore. They are already members of the society and can make decisions on their own, They have their own problems, interests, hobbies, etc. However, they also can feel something disturbing inside when somebody asks about their mother and father. These ex-children are thinking about their own families only if they never divorce or something like that. The old injury of the divorce case is still alive, so it does not matter, they are children or not, they will definitely suffer from the divorce inside. If you are a divorced parent of such an adult, you need to support him/her with everything and each step in his/her life. They are truly ready for the grown-up life, although they want a better environment for their own children. It is not a rule but is your parents are divorced, you become afraid of the divorces and even can have some troubles with another gender, etc. You have to think about it, don’t you?

To sum up, we can say for sure that various ages of the children have absolutely different reaction on the divorce procedure of their parents. All people are individuals, therefore, nobody can tell you for sure what behavior of your child you can expect. He/she may expect everything really smoothly or begin to shout or argue with you. Remember that your children need your support, your love, and your attention. Unless you want to lose the contact with them, you should be really tolerant towards them, moreover, remember about your influence on them. Your divorce is completely your deal, however, do not make your children suffer and everything will be perfect in the nearest future!

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