Fostering the Potential Within: 7 Ways to Inspire Your Child for Greatness

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Fostering the Potential Within: 7 Ways to Inspire Your Child for Greatness

As parents, we want to do everything in our power to inspire our children to reach their full potential. What that full potential looks like is different for every child, but the ways parents inspire their children are nearly universal. Here we’ll take a look at seven easy ways parents can empower their children to reach greatness.

Fostering Academic Success

Helping children achieve academic success is one of the easiest and most powerful ways parents can foster greatness in those children. Three easy ways parents can do this include:

·        Enrolling Children in Afterschool Programs. When children receive homework help and supplemental learning experiences that their schools may not offer, they’re more successful in all areas of their education. For example, offers programs designed to help children overcome opportunity gaps such as lack of access to art, music, and STEM activities in their schools.

·        Demonstrating the Value of Education in the Home. Parents who value education demonstrate it in the way they talk, act, and support their children’s academic success. This, in turn, creates kids who consider doing well in school an important goal.

·        Understanding Different Learning Styles and Interests: There are seven unique types of learners. Children who feel supported in the unique ways they learn, and in the things they want to learn about, achieve higher academic success than those who do not.

Developing Good Character

According to Parents, instilling good character traits in children helps them succeed in school and later in life. Two easy ways parents can do this is by:

·        Teaching Confidence. Children who are given opportunity to fail at tasks, and then persevere and ultimately succeed in those same tasks, learn how to work through frustration. This skill gives them confidence, which reduces fears and increases success when faced with new educational challenges.

·        Teaching Empathy and Kindness. When children develop empathy and kindness, they’re better able to build relationships with teachers and other students. These relationships aide in academic success, as well as promote good mental health, that further aids academic success.

Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Children who feel good physically and emotionally are better able to focus on school and other educational opportunities. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re tired, for example. In an article promoting healthy lifestyle habits in children, The University of Michigan explains that, when healthy habits are learned early in life, they’re likely to become lifelong habits. Two ways parents can help their children create healthy habits include:

·        Establishing Family Breakfasts. There are lots of documented benefits of eating together as a family. One of the simplest, most overlooked of these benefits is that thinking is easier when you aren’t hungry. Eating breakfast together at the same time each morning demonstrates this simple, good habit to children and gives their brains the energy needed to succeed in school.

·        Establishing Set Sleep Patterns. Like family meals times, studies have shown the benefits of creating set sleeping patterns. For children, one of the biggest benefits of going to bed and getting up at the same times each day is that their bodies thrive on these patterns. Children who easily fall asleep and stay asleep are more alert during the day, which tends to increase academic success.

There are hundreds of ways parents can foster the potential in their children. These are just seven examples of ways parents can help their children achieve academic success in their early years. These early academic successes give children a solid foundation for academic success throughout their lifetimes and, maybe, even academic greatness in adulthood.

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