Easy Valentine’s Day Heart Hair Style

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valentine's day heart hair
Making heart ponytails is a lot easier than it looks.  I did hairstyle for both of my daughters for their school dance and they received so many compliments.  Some of the moms thought that I had taken them to a salon to get their hair done.  I can’t even do French braids so if I can do this, anyone can.  (Note~ I took pictures of the completed hair styles before we left for the dance but forgot to take step by step pictures.  So when we got back from the dance I took the pictures as I took their hair down so it was neater when I first styled their hair.)

***I recommend having their hair slightly damp to keep it all in place without flyaways.   My younger daughter had just gotten out of the shower and I had to dry her hair a little to make it easier to work with.
1. Start by making a regular ponytail.

2. Loosen the pony tail and pull it back up through the middle.  Using a Topsy Tail tool would have helped but I just used a pointy comb and my fingers.  You could also make your own tool if you wanted to.  I would think a few pipe cleaners twisted together would do the trick in a pinch.
3. Separate the ponytail into 2 sections.  Twist the right section towards the right and the left section towards the left.  I had my daughter hold one section as I twisted the other section.  Then secure the ends with a ponytail holder.
4. Flip the 2 parts up into the shape of a heart.  You can use bobby pins to hold in place but I didn’t need to use them in my girls’ hair it stayed pretty well for the dance.
My younger daughter had 2 ponytails while my older daughter said she was too old for 2 ponytails and opted for a half up half down ponytail hairstyle.

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