Dog Hair All Over The Carpet? Unmissable Tips To Reduce The Amount Of Fur In Your Home!

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It’s perfectly normal for a dog to get rid of old and damaged hair from their body by shedding. However, for pet parents, it can be a challenge when the fur ends up all over their home. After all, it’s unhygienic and can make a room look unappealing! On top of this, people who are sensitive to allergens might start suffering flu-like symptoms in your home! Therefore, you need to reduce the amount of fur in our home to avoid all this happening. Here are some unmissable tips to reduce the amount of hair in your home!


Go for wood flooring rather than carpet

As much as carpet can be great in the rooms in our home, it can be hard to hide pet hair as it stands out like a sore thumb. It means you have to end up getting the hoover out every day to ensure it stays pet-hair free. And even then, it sometimes sticks to the floor so it’s hard to remove it. Of course, daily hoovering can be a nightmare when you are busy with your normal life. Therefore, you should consider going for wood flooring instead in your property. The great thing about wood is you can easily hoover or mop it up quickly before anyone notices the fur! It’s much easier to remove, so you won’t have to spend hours cleaning it on a daily basis!

Regularly take your dog to the groomers

You can stop your dog shedding so much if you take them to the groomers on a regular basis. As we talked about previously, regular grooming is essential if you want to keep your home clean. The groomers will ensure that any dead or old hair is removed, so that it stops them shedding as much at home! Of course, sending your dog to the groomers every week can be expensive. Therefore, you might want to groom them at home instead. You need a great brush which will ensure you get rid of old hair. Also, you should give them a bath and use some form of dog shampoo to keep their coat fresh and clean!


Look into non-shedding dogs

Of course, this isn’t appropriate if you have a pooch already. But if you are heading to the pound for a new dog and are worrying about fur in your home, you should look into non shedding dogs. There are many breeds such as a labradoodle and an Airedale terrier who barely shed at all. It means you can easily control the amount of fur that’s in your home! And they still make wonderful dogs who will become a part of your family!

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Ensure they are eating a proper diet

If you find there is lots of dog hair all over the carpet, it could be down to your pooch not eating properly. If they have a lack of nutrients in their diet, they could start excessively shedding in your home. Therefore, make sure you are buying quality pet-food. And as this feature explains, you can always speak to your vet about which foods will be best to reduce the amount of shedding!


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