Caught Yourself Touching Your Face Again? These 4 Tricks Will Help You Stop the Bad Habit and Prevent Acne Outbreaks

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Beauty and health professionals keep telling patients not to touch their faces, but this is a habit deeply rooted in everyone’s psyche and very hard to avoid. Constant face touching could lead to acne and other facial skin problems. But, now there is even more reason to stop touching your face during daily activities, and that is the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to protect yourself from this dangerous disease is washing your hands often, stop touching your faces, and wearing protective masks.

 Face Touching is a Habit That Is Ingrained and Hard to Break

Studies by behavioral psychologists and medical professionals have shown that people touch their faces as many as three times per minute, or up to hundreds or thousands of times in a day. So, how does a person curb such an ingrained habit? Face touching can contribute to germs and viruses spreading and making their way inside patients’ bodies through the eyes, nose, or mouth. The coronavirus is spread by droplets from people coughing, sneezing, or talking that float through the air to be inhaled by another person. It also lands on surfaces that people touch and then to their faces.

What is Face Touching?

Face touching involves habits like nose-picking, sucking fingers, biting nails, brushing the hair out of your face, taking glasses on or off or adjusting them, or scratching an itch. Being told not to touch your face does little to help anyone stop this habit because it is subconscious. However, a person can try hard to reduce the number of times they touch their faces.

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Breaking the Face Touching Habit

There are ways a person can reduce the times they touch their faces and also try to limit the damage from touching their faces.  Four tricks that are proven to make a difference include:

1. Counting the times you touch your face. Studies show people who use devices or even paper and pen to count every time they touch their faces reduce the behavior as long as they continue counting. This is a method that must be continued for the long term. Touching is a subconscious habit, and counting makes people more aware of what they are doing.

2. Take steps to eliminate the main reasons for touching the face, such as taking care of the facial skin so it does not itch, controlling hair better with good hair cuts, or tying or pinning it away from the face. Get those glasses properly fitted so they do not need to be adjusted as often. When a person needs to touch their face, they should use a clean tissue to avoid direct hand contact.

3. Pretend that the hands are dirty and will mark the face or wear a scented lotion or perfume on the hands that will increase awareness of the hand approaching the face. In addition, follow medical advice on protection from the pandemic, wash your hands often, and use hand wipes or spray sanitizer every time an object or surface is touched.

4. Wear a face mask to protect others from the wearer’s contaminants and to protect each person from airborne viruses. The face mask will also be a reminder not to touch the face and a barrier between the hands and the face. This only works if people are not constantly adjusting the mask.

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