A Winter Ready Wardrobe In 4 Easy Steps

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If your mind is turning towards cozy jumpers and knee high boots, then you’re probably getting ready to plan your winter wardrobe for this year. The problem is when it’s time to update their wardrobe, too many people just go out with a wallet full of cash and buy things that look nice on the rack. Getting a successful wardrobe takes a bit more planning than that. So read on for a step by step guide to getting your winter closet ready.


First of all, you need to plan your closet. Your wardrobe shouldn’t just be a mish mash of random items of clothing that you hope will look ok combined with one another. In fact, you should put some serious thought into what you will need for certain occasions and what pieces will compliment each other.

A good rule of thumb when buying new pieces is to check that they will go with at least two other items you have in your closet. If not then, they are probably not the best investment, and you should leave them on the rack.


Next, you need to take a look at what you already have that can be used for the upcoming season. Things like winter coats will last for more than one winter season, so make sure you get them out of storage and have them dry-cleaned for use.

You’ll probably have other items like a favorite pair of jeans or black trousers that can be paired with this season’s looks to update them. At this point, it’s worth checking that they fit and are in good condition. There is nothing worse than basing an outfit around an item to realize it has an unremovable stain or hole it in.


So the styling part of your wardrobe prep is where you get to have some fun. It’s here that you combine the items you have from previous seasons with the new things that you have seen in the stores.

It’s best to pick colors that are current but also go with your skin tone. For example, while rust is popular this FW 16, it won’t suit those with a coolers skin as much as those with a warmer skin tone.

rk5161-1636868_640Picture link

This is also the point to look at this seasons shapes and cuts. The style of something, as well as the color, can show your fashion knowledge. So make sure to check out the top fashion magazine trend reviews before purchasing anything.


The next stage is to purchase the items that you have chosen to update your winter wardrobe.

Shopping Online is the best for this for two reasons. First, you can make significant savings on clothes and footwear internet shopping. Once you have found the item, you are looking for, make sure to check for a way to get a discount off the original price like this Payless coupon.

shop-1298480_640Image here

Second, remember that you will need to try on each item with the thing to check that you already have to check that they go. This is why it is such a good idea to shop on the internet. Then you can have everything delivered to try on, in one go.


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100 Years of Hats: Girls vs. Guys

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This is so much fun! Which is your favorite style?
100 Years of Hats: Girls vs. Guys

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Smooth Operator: Helping Your Man Prepare For A Special Occasion

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You might be excited when you hear the news or you might be dreading it. You and your man have been invited to something special. Many men are total pros when it comes to sprucing up and dressing well. They know exactly what they want to wear and how they’re going to wear it. They’re comfortable choosing ties, cufflinks, or other accessories. They may even be able to trim and style their own hair. For the vast majority of mere mortal men though, preparing for a special event is a bit alien to them. Many times, we will be asked for our advice or input on how to help them look their best. Special occasions can range from birthday parties, weddings, or even job interviews. Be sure to take your cue from the style of the event itself and always ask for more information if it’s needed. Events tend to be going down a more and more informal route. But there is nothing worse than making a bad judgement call. Read the invite, ask for guidance, and plan well in advance to avoid mishaps!

suit-portrait-preparation-weddingImage source

The Makeover

Of course, this makeover isn’t literal. No-one is suggesting that you help your man to paint his nails or apply liquid eyeliner. But a quick, simple manicure or facial can actually be a good move. Facial treatments and massages are completely unisex at many spas and salons. It is also possible to do one at home. He can easily do this himself or you can make it a fun way to spend quality time together. You should cleanse the skin thoroughly then apply a warm towel to open the pores. Apply a specialty men’s facemask or something hydrating or clay based depending on his skin type. Leave on for approximately ten minutes and then rinse or dab off. You’ll be amazed at how much more fresh and awake it’s possible to look! This can also be a great time to address any unwanted facial hair or strays. Tweeze between the eyebrows, sharpen any lines of facial hair, and use a nose hair trimmer too if necessary. A bit of hand moisturizer and trimming the nails will instantly add a groomed, effortless look too.

fashion-men-vintage-colorfulImage from

The Outfit

You have shudder at the thought of going through the entirety of your man’s unruly wardrobe. The chances are, you might also pick something he would never wear or has avoided for months for a reason. If he has asked for your advice, then try the collaborative approach. He should pick out a few outfits that appeal to him for the event and ask for your opinion on each. That way, you can tweak the details together and come up with something really special. It is always handy to get a second perspective, whether male or female! You should pay special attention to the fit of the clothing, especially if they haven’t been worn for some time. There are few things worse than the day of the event arriving and you realising that your outfit doesn’t fit. So ensure that he tries everything on in advance. The age and expense of an outfit is rarely noticeable. What catches the eye is whether it fits well. Even an expensive, brand new suit will look poor if it hangs off the shoulders or is tight around the sleeves. Similarly, an affordable outfit will look sleek and expensive if it fits beautifully. You don’t want to risk a last minute nightmare, so select the outfits and make an afternoon of it! With a glass of a wine in hand (be careful not to spill it!) you can make it fun and less of a chore.

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6 Tips To Look Great This Winter Without Splashing The Cash

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We want to turn heads when we walk down the street, but we may not always have the cash. Unfortunately, looking our best is expensive. The best outfits, the best accessories, even the best makeup and lotions do not come cheap, which is a problem. Looking our best should not boil down to our budget, and thankfully it doesn’t have to anymore. As it turns out, we can look amazing without having to spend a fortune in the process. All you need to know are the hacks that can make it happen, and luckily they are listed below.

I hope you enjoy!

#1: Create A Budget

We sometimes let our hearts rule our heads when we shop. Even though we know we cannot afford an item, we can persuade ourselves otherwise. At the end of the month, the credit card bill arrives and it is plainly obvious we were kidding ourselves! The problem is that we don’t have any hard data to prove that we cannot afford an item. We have a gut feeling, but that is not very scientific. With a budget in our hands, we can physically see that we don’t have the cash, or how much cash we have to spend. Budgets are a great way to keep finances up to date and stop those spontaneous shopping sprees.

#2: Shop Online, But Not Very Often

The internet is a great place to find a bargain. The only thing with the Internet is that it is too good. Bargains and sales are everywhere due to the competition, so there is more chance that we will buckle. Although each item may be cheaper than their high street counterpart, together they are a lot more expensive. What makes it even worse is that we don’t shop with cash – we shop with plastic. When we don’t physically hand over the money, it makes buying an item a lot easier. As a result, we can go overboard and spend too much. If you do insist on shopping online, visit sites like Discountrue to find the best deals and bargains on the web. They have codes for tons of clothing stores like Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

purchasing-689442_640picture file

#3: Go Out And Shop

There are two main reasons why we should go out and shop on the high street. The first is that there are lots of bargains in-store, all we have to do is find them. The second is that we can pay with cash. When we pay with cash, we are a lot less flexible with our spending patterns. In fact, most of us hate to hand over cash because it psychologically scars us for life! And, if we needed any more persuading, shopping on the high street is a lot more physically demanding than shopping online. We spend more time surfing the web because we can do it remotely, which means there is more chance of us spending more money.

#4: Take A Friend With You

If you are heading out to the high street, take extra precautions. Although having a budget and paying with cash are good strategies, they don’t always work. What we need, most of the time, is to hear the voice of reason. As we start to lose our heads, we need someone who we trust to bring us back down to Earth. A friend is someone that will always tell us the truth no matter what the situation. So, if we are starting to lose our cool, a friend can give us a slap in the face and pull us together again.

#5: Shop Vintage

If you are not already aware, retro is coming back into fashion. Whereas we would once have been lambasted for wearing retro makes, nowadays we can wear them and look fashionable. Fashion isn’t exactly easy to understand, is it? But, it doesn’t have to be simple as long as we can take advantage of the trends. By shopping at vintage stores and also shopping for classic makes, we can save a fortune, plus we will still look the part. In fact, we will look even better than normal because everyone will think we are fashionistas for being up to date with the latest trends!

man-474125_640picture file

#6: Do A Review

One question that we need to ask is, do we need to go shopping? For the most part, we love to shop, but that doesn’t mean that we need to shop. When we buy items for the sake of it, we are wasting money. All it takes is a thorough review of our closet to see whether we need to shop.

Looking our best doesn’t always have to an expensive venture.


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Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Look And Feel Fabulous

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Sometimes change is a good thing. Overtime the things we thought made us look good actually make us look out of date and tired. This is obviously something we want to avoid at all costs. But if we have been dressing or wearing out hair the same way for decades, it can be very difficult to get out of the cycle. The style we donned in our youth provides us with some comfort, even if it does embarrass our children. It can be scary to put away our 80’s blue eyeshadow and clothes and go for more modern alternatives. But it can also give you a new lease of life and make you wish you had made the change sooner. Follow these simple ways to reinvent your look and send your confidence sky high.


If you’ve been applying your make up the way for years, it might be time to mix it up abit. Head to your local department store and have a consultation with a makeup expert. They will be able to revamp your look and show you new techniques and styles to try. A good beauty expert will consider your skin tone and take your style into account. You can explain what kind of look you want to achieve and they can help your create it with suitable products and brushes. Don’t be afraid to go with their suggestion and try out new things too.

While you’re refreshing your makeup, also think about introducing a new skincare and beauty regime into your life. This could include weekly manicures, getting dental implants or heading to a spa to utilise their services each month. Whatever you feel will make you feel great, it’s worth doing.



As we age our hair loses it’s thickness and often it turns grey. It can be tempting to cut your hair short to make it look thicker or dye it to cover the greys. Sometimes the simplest change can make all of the difference. You could try parting your hair in a different position to add volume to your roots. If you want to make a bolder change, try out a new hair colour or style. Ask your hairdresser to help you choose a colour or a new cut that will suit you. It will be hard for people to not notice such a bold new look and you’ll have a permanent smile on your face.



Reinventing your look will not be complete until you have dealt with your wardrobe. You need to declutter and get rid of anything that you don’t wear or like anymore. There’s no point keeping them if they are going unused. It can be difficult to part with items that hold a sentimental value to you, so why not store them elsewhere.  Your wardrobe needs to be functional and this process may reveal items you love that you had forgotten about. Now you have made this additional space, get a personal shopper to help you get more up to date. They may suggest things you hadn’t dreamed of trying that may look fabulous on you. Be open minded and honest about what you are looking for and you’re sure to be clothed to perfection in no time.

Reinventing your look can be an exciting and enjoyable process. If you feel good about the way you look, enjoy it. It’s a world of possibilities so try and find what look works for you.

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Fashion Boutiques: How To Get Attention Online

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Are you planning to start a new fashion boutique this year? Getting attention online can be tough because it’s a crowded marketplace. With that in mind, you’ll need to try lots of savvy techniques to ensure people remember your brand. The ideas on this page should be a great way to start. However, you’ll need to design more individualized strategies as you move forward. Until then, the suggestions below should come in handy.

Responsive website

Before you do anything else, you must pay for the construction of a responsive website. People who buy from your brand might use lots of different devices to access the internet. So, it is critical that your site displays properly across all platforms. Any decent web design company should be equipped to handle the job. Just read some online reviews to find the best in the business.

19936003706_c88dc928c7_zJenny Agasandian

Professional imagery

Unless you are an expert in photography, you will have to pay an expert to take some good snaps of your range. This is a fantastic step if you want to run a successful fashion shop. People are not going to buy clothing items without seeing how they look on a model. Make sure every product listing on your website is accompanied by an eye-catching image for the best results. You should try to get more than one photo of each item so you can swap and change. That will help to make your website appear fresh without you having to work too hard.

Social media campaigns

Running competitions and offers via your social media pages will always help you to gain more attention. You could also create customized free gifts to promote better brand recognition. The sales team at Custom On It say lots of business owners use that method. People like discounts and they like free products even more. Maybe you could ask people to “like” and “share” your status to be in with a chance of winning? That would help to ensure all their other friends on the site see your offer too. Keep following the same process, and your audience will soon grow.


Celebrity endorsements

Lots of designers send their latest clothing to celebrities in the hope they will wear it on TV. That is a strategy that has worked well in the industry for a long time. It doesn’t cost much money to send them a couple of items, but it could get you a lot of publicity. There are even agencies through which you can pay for celebrity endorsements. So, make sure you research the subject soon. It could be the perfect solution for thrusting your boutique into the spotlight.

The only other thing you need to worry about is paid online advertising. You need to identify the best tools and websites for your brand. There are lots of banner advertising platforms you could use, and they tend to produce good results. Just make sure you don’t invest too much cash until you’ve found the best targeting options. Luckily, there is no minimum investment if you want to use Google Adwords. There are also many guides online that offer tips and advice. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. It’s good to know I’m managing to help lots of new entrepreneurs find their feet.

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Check Out My Top Tips For Drilling Your Man Into Shape!

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man-474125_1280file source

When it comes to fashion, men are way behind us girls! Women pride themselves on their appearance and their ability to keep up with the latest fashion trends. That’s why our wardrobes are filled with classic, timeless pieces that we can throw on at a moment’s notice at any time of the year. It is all well and good that you look amazing when you step out in public, but what about your boyfriend? Unfortunately, he is going to make you look bad if he doesn’t pull his finger out and take more care of his appearance.

Trying to make a man do something he doesn’t want to do is not easy. After all, men are notoriously stubborn. But, with the tricks below, you might be able to do it without him even noticing! Before long, he might look as good as you do. Well, maybe not that good!

Start With Baby Steps

As I have already alluded to, when he realizes you are trying to change him he will rebel. It is almost like every man is ingrained to fight back when their girlfriends try to make them better. So, to begin with you want to start small and work your way forward. Maybe just suggest that a certain piece of clothing looks nice. One positive comment and it will make him think twice about making a purchase.

Buy Clothes For Him

When it is his birthday or a special occasion, buy a couple of pieces of clothing that you think will look nice. As it is a landmark occasion, he can’t accuse you of trying to dress him like a little child. Plus, as a woman and his girlfriend, you know what suits him and what doesn’t. Add in the fact that you keep up with the latest trends and this trick is a winner. Because the weather is turning colder, think about buying him a men’s shawl collar sweater for the autumn. They look great, and they are practical too!

Compliment Him

When he tries something different, you should compliment him and tell him how nice he looks. Men are just like us girls in the sense that they need positive reinforcement to feel their best. In truth, there aren’t too many men who are comfortable in their skin, even though they all give off that impression. A simple compliment will push him to maintain his new found fashion sense and take more risks.

Make It An Enjoyable Experience

Men hate shopping because they find it boring, whereas women love it because it is exciting. It is easy to see why a dichotomy has evolved over the years! But, you can change it by simply making the experience an enjoyable one. If it is something the two of you do as a couple, it is more likely he will take shopping seriously. Bonding and having alone time is a great way to get him interested. And, once he is interested, you won’t be able to stop him!

The most important thing to remember is not to push him too far. Obviously, you want him to look his best, but you don’t want to shame or humiliate him in the process. After all, a small part of you loves him because he couldn’t care less!

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How To Choose An Elegant Ladies Watch: Excellent Advice

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If you’re about to buy a new watch, I have some advice for you that just might help. As you know, I love fashion and accessorising. When people get it wrong, though, it can be a disaster. Every lady out there should have an excellent watch that she can wear all the time. Sure, most of our modern gadgets now have clocks on them, but there is something beautiful about a watch. If you want to invest in a great piece, you should follow my helpful advice.

5556810405_60a03164f9_zImagery Link

Keep up to date with fashion

If you want to look your best, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not. Take a look at my fashion wish list for everything you need to know. A watch is more than just a functional thing – it is something that you will wear as a style choice. That means that it needs to suit you well and look incredible. If you are not sure which piece to get, you should spend some time looking for the right one. Don’t buy anything until you are 100% sure that it is right for you.

Make sure that you get the correct size

Do you know what your wrist size is? Many modern watches have links that you can take out if you need to do so. That means that you can make sure that the watch fits you well. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting watch, and so you need to get this part of it right. It is worth trying on many different watches before you choose the one that will suit you. Remember, if a watch doesn’t fit, you can always take it back and get a new one. After all,  it’s only the right thing to do.

Choose a timeless piece

There are some primary fashion rules that you should always stick to when it comes to buying new things. You should choose pieces that you will want to wear for years and years. There is a vast array of ladies watches out there, and so you need to choose one that suits you best. Again, it is worth checking out loads of different pieces before you choose one. Before you get a watch, you should choose whether you want a gold, silver or plain one. Then you can start looking at watches in that style. Think about what will match your wardrobe. That will be a massive help.

Buy quality, rather than quantity

Whenever you buy something that you will use all the time, you need to make sure that you get quality, not quantity. You should not have to buy a new watch every few months. Instead, it is worth spending more than you’d like to get a watch that will last for years and years. You might get a super cheap watch, but you have to question if it will break. Thanks for reading my advice. I hope that it helps you when you buy your next watch! Good luck, ladies!


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9 Best Dressed of all time at the MTV Video Music Awards

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Check out 9 Best Dressed of all time at the MTV Video Music Awards

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Back to School Fashion for the Little Rock Star in Your Life

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Check out Back to School Fashion for the Little Rock Star in Your Life

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