5 Ways to Help Your Dog Live A Natural Life #AvoDermNatural

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If you are a pet parent like me, you may be wondering how you can help your dog live a natural life.  You are working on your own health, why not your dogs?  We have shared with you in the past about our partnership with AvoDerm products, and once again we have to appreciate how this brand helps us focus not just on feeding our dog, but truly improving his health.  Cooper is only 2 years old, but we want him to have a long and healthy life.  So these ways to help him have that life are really important to us.

avoderm bagsFeed them a natural food source.  AvoDerm Natural Revolving Menu provides you with an amazing protein and natural fat rich food source that your dogs will love.  Not only is it gentle on their tummies, there are many options to suit your individual dogs needs.  From the still playful young pup like Cooper, to the older “grandpa” dog in the bunch AvoDerm has great options of foods that are natural, quality and not full of unhealthy filler product like some brands.  This brand has been dedicated to giving you oven baked food and treats of the best ingredients since the 1960’s.

Get plenty of exercise daily.  Dogs need more than just a walk to use the bathroom. They need real exercise, just like we do.  Not only do they need it for weight maintenance, many breeds need the exercise to keep things like hip displacement, arthritis and other common breed ailments from becoming an issue.  Getting out and building strong bodies in your dogs is important for their complete health just like it is for yours.  More quality exercise on a regular basis helps them to be happier, work out excess energy (especially in younger pups) and build strong muscles to carry their bodies easily for longer.

Give them a chance to “make friends”.  Go to the dog park, bring a second dog into the home, or set up doggy play dates.  Your dog needs friends to play with just like you do.  While you have fun, play fetch and even walk your dog, they may still crave that playtime they can only get with another dog.  Providing them with a “brother” or “sister” in your home is great, but if you can’t have an additional pet take the time to get them out to a dog park or to another dog owners home for play time on a regular basis.

Bring them indoors for their safety.  While there are many pets that reside outdoors the bulk of the time, there are just as many who are mostly indoor pets.  The main thing is to make sure your pets are safe and healthy.  Dogs love being outside and in the fresh air, but when temperatures fluctuate it is time to think about their health and safety.  In the heat of summer, bring your dogs inside for cooler temperatures, or at least provide them with proper shade and plenty of water to stay hydrated.  In winter months make sure your dogs are indoors and warm during the coldest days.  A dog can easily find their paws frostbitten in extreme cold, and this is not a healthy thing for any pet.  Bringing your dogs inside to protect them is one of the best things you can do for their physical and emotional health.

Give them a place of their own in your home.  Dogs are wonderful pets, but they like to know they “own” something just like you do.  They can be very possessive, or feel very left out when they don’t have a space of their own.  Make sure your dog has a bed, crate or area that is just for them.  This can be their place of comfort to go sleep, rest, play or recuperate after a long day playing.  Make sure they feel loved, welcomed and like they can consider that their own little place in the world.  Their physical health is important, but don’t forget to help your dog live a natural life, you need to provide them with emotional security.

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