5 Ways a Pet Can Affect Your Budget

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As a pet owner, you will have calculated the costs of your pet into your monthly budgets —things such as food, insurance, and other extras you might treat them to. Most people will think carefully before committing to a pet, considering how they will be able to afford to care for an animal. Even though it might seem as though having a dog, cat, or any other pet is perfectly affordable, you should be aware of the ways in which they can unexpectedly eat into your budget. They might not happen very often, but if they do, it could have a big impact on your bank account.

1.   Emergency Vet

In the event that your pet is involved in an accident, or they become seriously ill, it will mean a trip to the emergency vet. Making appointments to see a vet for annual check-ups and other basic healthcare can be costly enough, but depending on what kind of attention your pet needs in an emergency, those prices could spike dramatically. If you don’t have the expendable cash, or you are unable to dip into your savings to cover these costs, you could find yourself facing a difficult choice.

2.   Medications

If your pet develops a medical condition, the ongoing prescriptions will add up. If you’re lucky, the illness will only be temporary, but you will still have to find the extra cash for the medicine. Alternatively, if this becomes a permanent problem for your pet, it also means a permanent addition to your budget.

3.   Change in Diet

If your pet becomes overweight, or you find that they have developed a condition that requires a specific diet, this too can have an impact on your finances. Specialty food tends to cost more than the average bag you will find at the pet store, and it can be at a higher price. However, you don’t have to worry about wasting money on the wrong expensive food, as easyvet Frisco and other veterinarians can advise you on your pet’s dietary requirements, and recommend products for you to use.

4.   Daycare/Kennel Stays

It’s common knowledge that dogs require more attention than other pets. Therefore, most dog owners either work from home, are in a job where they can take their dog with them, or are at least around often enough in the day to keep them company. However, there could come a time when you need to put your dog into a daycare or kennel for a short while. On average, for a one night’s stay in a kennel, it is $40 per night, and dog daycare rates start at $25.

5.   Increased Insurance

While you might have already budgeted for your pet insurance, like anything else, these rates can go up. It might not seem like much at the time, but every cent adds up, and by the end of the year, you could be spending a lot more than you realize.

Having a pet is great because they can bring a lot of happiness into a home. However, as a pet owner, you should always make sure you can afford to look after it properly and be aware of the unexpected costs.

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