5 Tips for a Family Holiday in Mykonos

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Mykonos is known for its wild parties, vibrant beaches, and luxurious accommodation, but it isn’t an exclusive destination for party animals by any means either. Family trips to the island can be just as enjoyable and there are a few places which even the kids will enjoy. Nonetheless, whether you are going to attend a wedding in Mykonos or just planning to enjoy a relaxing holiday with the kids on the island, a few intelligent tips might go a long way towards ensuring that you have an awesome family holiday there.

Know Your Beaches

All beaches in Mykonos are gorgeous, but depending on the kind of crowd you are with or the type of experience that you are seeking, your preference should vary. If you are here with the entire family and there are kids with you, try out the child-friendly Agrari Beach. The water is pretty calm almost throughout the year and there is even a decent playground there for the children to keep themselves busy in, while the adults go for a drink in the café/bar! Agrari beach is neither too crowded or too empty, creating a sense of relaxation without sacrificing the security that comes naturally with being in a place with plenty of other families as well.

Another beach that you can check out is the long stretch of Panormos Beach, which lacks water sports options so you know it won’t be too busy in the sea. There is no restriction that forbids families to enjoy the Pinky Beach or Super Paradise Beach either, but due to the high ratio of partygoers, it’s best if you leave before 10 pm.

Stay in a Villa

The Mykonos experience is incomplete unless you stay in one of the multiple luxurious villas found throughout the island. Not only are these villas conveniently located in places that offer incredible views of the Aegean Sea, but they also have everything from personal infinity pools to baby baths for catering to the needs of families. A large majority of the couples who plan for a wedding in Mykonos usually consider accommodation from here at BlueVillas for their guests and the event itself. Even when you don’t have an occasion in mind, large families and groups invariably find the huge villas with a dozen or more (up to fifty) bedrooms much more convenient, luxurious and economic. Do remember to book your accommodation with BlueVillas early though, because the best villas always get booked months in advance every year.

Leaving Before 11 pm is a Good Idea if You Have Young Kids

Safety is not an issue in Mykonos under normal circumstances, even when it is late at night, but if you have young kids and would like to avoid the drunken crowd, leaving clubs before 10 pm is probably a good idea. If your kids are in their late teens though, you won’t have too much to worry about of course, as they probably like parties a lot more than you do!

Rent a Car

Before we get to why renting a car is recommended, let’s make it absolutely clear that Mykonos has quite a capable public transportation system in place. Buses come in every 20-30 minutes and stop at most of the attractions and locations, making sure that tourists and travellers are able to get anywhere that they need to. However, renting a car is still a better option when you have children with you because the buses can get crowded, which is a hassle when you have kids to monitor. Renting a car is not cheap, but the convenience is worth it and it is definitely cheaper than getting everywhere with cabs. ATVs are also quite popular in Mykonos and if you are in a small group, it might be more economical to rent an ATV than a car.

Keep the Weather in Mind

This one is a universal tip, but given that the island never really gets too hot or too cold to be advised against, the season is more of a concern when you have young children or seniors in your group. The ideal time to visit would be before July or even June when you are trying to avoid the heat completely. The two months of September and October are also quite pleasant, after which, the temperature dips quite a bit and the cold wind may chill you out after sunset if you are still in your beach clothes! In any case, coastal climates are unpredictable at times, so do check in with the weather forecasts before planning a day trip.

Now that you know how to make your family holiday to Mykonos the most enjoyable, all that is left to do is the planning required to make it happen!

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