Zimmiz Plush Toy and App Review

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WHOA! I used to have to bring my dolls to life, but ZIMMIZ does it on its own!

Long gone are the days in which all kids had to do was make believe.  Technology now days brings the playing field to a whole-new level.  Some may argue whether its a good or bad thing.  Regardless which side you’re on, the truth is that interactive and learning toys are here to stay and we have to make the best of it.

ZIMMIZ truly behaves like it came from outer space.  He laughs, he screams, he sneezes, and even splats boogers all over the place! Something that really surprised me is that our 16 month old girl found this just as entertaining as our 9 year old girl which is quite rare. The baby found it much more entertaining for longer periods of time. She seems to enjoy throwing ZIMMIZ all around her room and drag her along on reconnaissance trips around the house looking for things to get into.   I know what you are thinking… Do I really want my expensive smartphone inside this super cool fuzzy ZIMMIZ?  The answer is:  DON’T WORRY.  At first I was a bit skeptical to use my iPhone 5 and let the baby take it all over, but I quickly found out that the design of the actual plush toy is really well throughout and offers great protection against drops and all kinds of events that kids may subject Mommy’s smartphone to.

He is the perfect size to take everywhere we go and perfect for great interactive quiet time. With over 300 animations and responses, Zimmiz is full of surprises.  Zimmiz is entirely customizable too! Change its eyes and skin color as well as the shape of its nose, lips, teeth. Tons of possibilities. Open his mouth to find some awesome games. I would say this toy is a must have for kids of all ages. In some weird way it’s almost like having a pet, just less messy. Perfect for traveling or long waits.

To see all that Zimmiz is capable of check him out in action is this awesome video!


Also make sure you check out some exclusive news and updates along with some “sneak peek” giveaways on Zimmiz’s Facebook Page and Twitter

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