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Not to sound old here but years ago when I was a child, we didn’t sit around playing video games, playing on the computer, etc.  We were outside playing.  We were getting exercise and having fun.  But today there are so many children who aren’t getting enough exercise and physical activity.  Zamzee is a new product and website to help with that.

Zamzee is a meter that kids can clip on themselves much like a pedometer that adults wear.  It tracks all of the child’s movement and exercise for the day while they are wearing it.  Kids then upload their activity by sliding out the Zamzee’s USB and plugging it into their computer.  Their movement data is uploaded to their online profile.   The entire site is safe and secure.  Kids aren’t allowed to share any personal information.

Kids stay motivated with Zamzee because they can create their own personal avatar, earn badges, progress to new levels, and earn REWARDS!!!   Kids can take FREE challenges and change their movement points into free prizes like gift cards, donations to charity, or even iPod Nanos and Xbox consoles.   Zamzee users move +30% more than non-Zamzee users!

Both of my girls have been using their Zamzees for a few weeks now and I have seen such an improvement in their activity levels.  Now instead of wanting to watch tv, they are asking to log onto the Zamzee website to complete more challenges.  The challenges are activities that they can do within a set amount of time to get their heart rates up and their bodies moving.  Then they complete a challenge they earn points.  They love challenging each other to see who can earn the most points for the day.  When my daughters have PE they like to take them to school to see how much movement they did during class.

Here’s some more info from Zamzee:

It’s free to set up a Zamzee account, but to use Zamzee you’ll need to purchase a Zamzee meter to measure your movement and earn Pointz.  Most of what you can do on is totally free – like taking Challenges, tracking your progress, climbing the leader boards and competing with friends. But in order to go shopping and buy stuff in the Zamzee Shops, you’ll need to get Zamz, the Zamzee virtual currency. You can earn Zamz by taking Challenges or by reaching Goalz. Earn enough Pointz to reach a Goal, and you unlock Zamz.  You or your parents can buy Goalz at Sometimes Goalz may be offered by Zamzee or Zamzee partners as well.

There are two ways to earn Pointz on

1) Moving around with your Zamzee meter. Your Zamzee will track your physical activity as long as you’re wearing it properly, and award you Pointz when your activity reaches an intensity that gets you in the ZamZone. Wearing your Zamzee and moving around is the best way to earn the most Pointz you can!

2) Keeping up on Get Bonus Pointz for doing things on, like uploading Pointz consistently, and, well, doing other things we don’t want to give away just yet. The key? Make sure you’re using Zamzee as much as possible to get the most Pointz you can!

The ZamZone is the intensity of activity that earns you Activity Pointz. You will know you are in the ZamZone when you feel your heart rate increase or when you feel a little out of breath. For example, standing on your scooter while it rolls down a hill will not get you Activity Pointz. But, biking up a hill will definitely help you earn Pointz! Walking quickly might get you some Pointz; jogging will definitely get you Pointz.

 You can purchase your own Zamzee Meters on their website as well as a variety of skin designs to customize your Zamzee.  Use code ZZCONF2012 for a 25% discount at  You can find Zamzee on Facebook and Twitter, too!
And please check out my daughter’s review of Zamzee on her blog, The Sassy Little Blogger.

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