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I was recently introduced to a new website that I have quickly become addicted to.  It’s called is an amazing new website where you can buy gift cards at up to 95% off of retail prices.  Yes, I said 95% off!!!  The beauty of this site is just like the name says – YOU NEVER LOSE.
Here’s how-  Once you sign up for a FREE account on you can purchase gift cards to many retailers you would normally shop at anyway such as Sears, Gap, Old Navy, Kmart, Costco, LandsEnd, and more.  You pay face value for these gift cards and they are shipped to you for FREE.  I purchased a $25 Bath and Body Works gift card for $25.   So I spent $25 but got a $25 gift card.  I ordered my gift card on late in the day on 1/26 and was very surprised when I received it on 1/30.  Not bad considering there was a weekend in between!  (You receive the same dollar value gift card that you paid for, so you never lose any money.  The reward points are a nice bonus that you can potentially win more cards with.)
Now you are probably wondering how you can get gift cards for up to 95% off.  When you purchase your gift cards you are given reward points- 1 point per dollar you spend.  So for my $25 Bath and Body Works gift card I received 25 reward points in my account.  I was then able to use those 25 points to bid in auctions on  Each reward point raises the bid by $.01.
The real action comes in the last minute or so of the auction.  When there is 20 seconds or less left and someone places a bid it adds 20 more seconds to the clock.  The way to win is to have no one else place a bid after your bid and let the clock run down.  Some of the auctions can really get into a bidding war but they all end pretty low.  See the picture below.  Someone won a $50 Amazon gift card for only $.03 (plus a $5 service fee)!!!  Someone else won a $25 Target gift card for only $.09! (plus a $5 service fee)!! *NOTE* They have now lowered the service fee to only $2 on items you win!

No I didn’t win anything yet but I’ll plan on buying more gift cards to get more points.  I figure I’ll use the gift cards anyway so I really have nothing to lose.  That really is the beauty of this website.  I don’t mind that I didn’t win anything yet because I had fun bidding and I didn’t lose anything since I still have my $25 gift card that I paid $25 for.
UPDATE!!!!  I WON!!!!  I bought a $25 Old Navy Gift Card and used those points to bid on a $25 Mastercard Gift Card.  I ended up winning the Mastercard Gift Card for $1.44!!!!

UPDATE #2- I won ANOTHER AUCTION!!!  This time I won a $25 Amazon gift card for $.11!!!

Click here to sign up for a FREE account.
Use code LAUNCH10 to get 10 bonus points when register and buy your first gift card.
Here are my tips for winning-
1. Follow a few auctions first and get a feel for how the action goes.  Some people like to bid with 1 second left.  Some people like to bid at the 20 second mark and always be the highest bidder.  Figure out your best strategy.
2. Learn who the regulars are and don’t bid against them.  There are some regulars to seem to have a huge amount of reward points and bid more aggressively.  Don’t chase after them as it’s hard to beat them.  There are plenty of other auctions to bid on so take your time, have fun!
3. If you need to buy any big ticket items at Sears or Kmart, but Sears or Kmart gift cards from  It will give you lots of reward points to bid with and your odds of winning other gift cards will be better.  For example, imagine if you were buying a $400 dishwasher at Sears anyway.  Why not buy FOUR $100 Gift Cards from to pay for your dishwasher?  That would give you the $400 in Sears gift cards you need to buy the dishwasher BUT you would ALSO get 400 points to bid with.  Imagine all the gift cards you could win with 400 points?!?!
4. Don’t buy gift cards you won’t use, give as a gift, or need.  If you do, you’ll regret it.  The beauty of is that you are buying something you would use anyway and getting reward points as a bonus.  If you buy a gift card for a store you don’t shop at or have near you then you will never use it.  I LOVE to shop at Bath and Body Works plus it always makes a great gift so that is one of the cards I bought.  I also buy the kids’ clothes at Old Navy so I bought a card there, too.  Plus the Old Navy card can be used at GAP, too. 🙂
I have received every card I have purchased and won very fast.  I have used all of the cards and they all are legit, valid gift cards with no problems.  This is a 100% legit company and I love bidding on their auctions.  This started out as just a website review but now that I have spent the initial points they gave me to try the website and bid with, I am now a huge fan.  I now purchase gift cards to all the stores I shop in because I know I will use them anyway.  Check it out for yourself!  Good luck!

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  1. Veronica H says:

    I would choose the amazon giftcard!

  2. John Joseph says:

    amazon or visa both would rock at a cheap price


    $50 Mastercard Gift Card

  4. Jose Gueits says:

    $50 Mastercard Gift Card

  5. Amazon for $50 would be awesome

  6. Oh gosh…just about everything??? LOL A $50 Master Card one would be GREAT so then I can use it anywhere!

  7. tami husak says:

    i would choose amazon

  8. Amazon would be my top pick!

  9. Tish Seawood says:

    I would choose an Amazon gift card so I could buy more stuff for my Kindle Fire.

  10. Bobbi Kilbarger says:

    Any card

  11. heather smith says:

    visa would be nice

  12. I think my favorite is Starbucks!

  13. I love gift cards! I just signed up!

  14. My favorite gift card would be the $50 Mastercard!

  15. Krystal Ramirez says:

    I would get the $50 mastercard

  16. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I would choose an amazon gift card.

  17. Wendy Rozema says:

    I would choose amazon!

  18. Andrea Williams says:

    Mine would be Bath & Body Works or Walmart.

  19. I would pick the amazon card.

  20. I would choose or mastercard.

  21. Krista U. says:

    Gotta love costco!

  22. Marci Campbell says:

    Visa would be great!

  23. Congrats Cori on winning!!!

  24. I would get a target gift card

  25. I would pick Amazon

  26. My fave would be that Target one.

  27. Keisa Rogers says:

    If i had to choose it would be for a walmart gift card.But anything would be great.Thanks to all the sponsors!

  28. janna martinez says:

    I would like the Target card if I am chosen. tyvm ev1 for the offer.

  29. I would choose Amazon

  30. Rikki J. says:

    Is the 10 bonus points code still valid to use? If so, where do you enter it when you register? There wasn’t anywhere to enter it in the registration. Thanks.

  31. So cool. I cannot wait to try it out!

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