Would This Gross You Out?

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male female symbolLet me start by saying that I am a “Girl Mom”.  I have 2 daughters and know nothing about being the parent of a boy.  I can tell you all about girls’ hairstyles, dressing girls, bows, skirts, and nail polish.  But when it comes to all things “BOY” I am clueless.  So here’s what I am curious about.  My girls and I went to a local playground yesterday.  As we were walking up the sidewalk towards the park there was a little boy (I’d say about 5 years old) who was facing the bushes next to the sidewalk with his pants down, tush showing, and peeing in the bushes while his father stood with him.  I get that when you gotta go, you gotta go.  I get that boys pee in bushes, well, because they can. When the boy finished, he pulled up his pants and he went into the playground area with his father.   I cringed as I watched him touch all the equipment with is dirty hands that had just been on his penis.  Even if the father didn’t have wipes, hand cleanser, etc. with him, I am sure in a park full of other parents, he could have asked for something to clean his son’s hands.  Yes, I know that as a father and as a boy himself, his father probably didn’t even think about it.  And yes, I am sure other kids in the park had dirty hands from 101 other gross things.  But the thought of this little boy holding his penis, possibly getting urine on his hands, and then touching all over the same railings and such that my girls were touching really grossed me out.  I know germs are everywhere and that many people don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom but it’s a lot easier to be in denial about that when it isn’t right in front of you.  Of course my girls were asking why he was peeing there, why he didn’t wash his hands, etc.

So would it have grossed you out at all?

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  1. As a mom of boys, I understand how it may gross you out since you only have girls. Believe it or not, a lot of boys don’t even have to touch it (other than to pull it out to pee and put it back up). They can stand there with their hands above their heads sometimes (my boys often do). I guess since I see so many kids pick other places of their bodies then touch things, a little boy touching his penis (& possibly getting pee on it…and possibly not) doesn’t bother me any more than the snot wipers, butt scratchers etc.

    • Yeah, snot wipes and butt scratchers are gross, too. And diaper changers on picnic tables, but don’t even get me started. LOL Sometimes it’s just a matter of being able to pretend that all those other gross things don’t happen but when you see it, it’s hard to deny. 😉

  2. Erica Beebe says:

    I a mom of a boy and girl. First of all… There’s always a bathroom near by. Second…if there wasn’t , in desperation I would find the most secluded location behind a building if we HAD TO. we have only once had to pull over on the side if the highway and have him pee in the bushes. I’ve witnessed so many disgusting displays in public places w boys and girls that nothing surprises me anymore.

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