Why Parents MUST Fork Out For School Trips

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“Mom, mom, I need $50 to take to school tomorrow. We’re going on a school trip!”

The kids are always unbelievably excited to attend field days out of the classroom. Parents can never decide whether they are interested in the subject or whether they want a day off. Regardless, moms and dads are never as enthusiastic. Behind the mask are the questions that never seem to go away. Can we afford it? Is it expensive? Can they afford to miss it?

Sadly, looking after a family is expensive work and there is never enough to go around. Saying that below are four reasons to get their butts on the bus.

It’s Fun

There are educational and social factors to think about, and this post will get into them later. But, let’s face it – life as an adult is tough. There is a responsibility to burden, bills to pay, and small human beings to protect. So, kids should enjoy their time as cute little monsters while they still have the chance. Children deserve the opportunity to have fun, and days in the field ten to fit the bill. This is true of school trips by NST and specialist companies that work in the industry. Anyway, school is getting tougher and tougher, and it comes with its pressures. A tour is a way to blow off steam, too.

And Educational

Please, don’t see it as a day where they will play pranks with their friends and slack off. Those things may happen, but there’s a good chance that the kids will get involved. Great field trips are interesting and grab the imagination of the audience, and this only serves to aid learning. Think of the days in museums searching the premises for clues and answers to the questions on the sheet. When education and enjoyment come together, it teaches kids about the thirst for knowledge.

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Bypasses Budget Cuts

As strange as it sounds, a day out is a fantastic way to overcome school restrictions. With budget cuts at an all-time high, the one-on-one time for students is getting lower. Even worse, there isn’t enough time or personnel to cover the syllabus, leaving gaps in their knowledge. A successful field day helps to conquer these issues by housing all the resources they need under one roof. Museums and art galleries and colleges are places of higher learning that aren’t subject to a shoestring budget. As a result, they have the tools to teach a large amount of info in one day.

Appeases Son/Daughter

Okay, parents shouldn’t do things solely for the love of their kids. As guardians, it’s up to us to make tough decisions which are for their own good. Still, everyone knows children hold grudges. They’re like an elephant with temper issues! And, they will happily let us know about for the rest of our lives, give or take. Sure, it isn’t the best reason to fork out, but seeing the look on their face is priceless. What’s the point of being a parent if we can’t make them happy once in a while?

Will you grant or deny their next request to go on a field trip?

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