Why Moms in the Health Care Field Don’t Have to Choose Between Their Jobs and Their Kids

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If you’ve ever talked to a full-time RPN you’ve heard about their shifts sometimes lasting as long as 16 hours straight. For a mom with children to get off to school, homework assignments to check, and PTA meetings to attend, this type of field might seem completely untenable. On the other hand, nurses and other healthcare professionals have some of the most well balanced and satisfied careers around. Just look at this health care salaries guide and you’ll see the earning potentials of endocrinologists, home health attendants, LPNs and other medical professionals. The fact of the matter is that moms who have great careers in the healthcare field are able to be with their kids, choosing accommodating shifts, and have all of the job stability that they could ever wish for.

Choosing Flexible Shifts in the Health Care Field

When you get hired for a position that you love in a field that you got an advanced degree to enter, you probably won’t even consider changing things up. That is, until something in your life changes. You could find yourself expecting another child or find that one of your children wants to pick up a new afterschool activity. It can sometimes take more than six months for a compatible shift to become available and then you might still have to bid for it. Most health care professionals need only tell their direct supervisors about their scheduling conflicts and something is usually done to facilitate them right away. You won’t have to cut your hours unless you really want to and your family can still remain a priority.

Work Home Life Balance Is Encouraged

While there are hundreds of other careers that busy moms can choose from, the healthcare field truly encourages workers to find a great home-work life balance. If you need to take a long lunch so that you can attend a parent-teacher meeting, your co-workers will pitch in and help you out with your responsibilities. Whether you need to take time off to attend to personal health matters or grieve the loss of a family member, there’s little pressure on you to do anything but remain stable and keep your life well balanced.

Health Care Professionals Are Family

After working together, eating lunch at the same table, giving advice, and trading favors, you’ll start to feel like your peers in the healthcare field are more like family than friends. Expect the feeling to be mutual. You’ll grow closer to the people you work with every day and each birthday and special event will be a shared experience amongst you all.

You may have specific hours that you have to work, but you’ll also be working amongst a group of people that you respect and care for at the same time. When you get to go home and see your family after a long shift, you’ll become even more thankful for being a part of the medical community. Moms who work as healthcare professionals really do have some of the most well-balanced work and home lives.

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