Why I Built A Barn For My Children

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Special post written by Laura for my readers

Most of my friends laughed until they were blue in the face when I told them about my idea. They thought that building a barn for my kids was an incredibly funny concept, and they just couldn’t understand my motives. Once their laughter had subsided, I had the chance to explain my reasons. You see, the barn on our land is not like a standard space for keeping animals. We do have a couple of cows, but that’s not why we paid for the barn. The building was created by an Amish specialist living in our area. So, the room is more functional than you might expect. To set the record straight, I’ve listed all my reasons below. Hopefully, you won’t all think I’m mad after checking them out.


The barn provides a play area

We don’t have a summer house on our land, and so the kids had nowhere to play. After seeing an advert online for a local Amish expert that specializes in barns, I had to know more. Luckily, he quoted me a very affordable price. The entire building cost thousands less than the average summer house. Plus, it is more than ten times the size. I split the barn into two sections. One for keeping the cows, and one for the kids. We put their bikes in there, and lots of other items from our garage.

The barn keeps our animals healthy

As I’ve already said, we keep a couple of cows on our land. My children were worried about their health when they were out in the field all night. Also, there had been a spate of nighttime attacks in the area. I was terrified we’d wake up one morning to find dead cows lying in our field. That idea worried me a lot. My kids wouldn’t know how to deal with that yet. They’re only young. So, getting a barn seemed like the obvious solution. I even installed a security system that should alert us if something happens during the night.

There’s lots of free space in the barn for more things

My children are starting to grow, and so we knew more space was essential. While we’re not 100% certain how we’re going to use it yet, there is more than enough room to expand in the barn. My husband discussed the possibility of homeschooling our kids from next year. If that happens, we’ll do everything in the barn. It’s not like the cold and drafty building you might imagine. In fact, we’ve got electricity in there and a flat screen TV. So, it wouldn’t be too hard to convert some of the areas into a school room.

You should now have a good understanding of why I erected a barn for my kids. In truth, it was partly for the animals too. However, it sounded a lot funnier if I told my friends the barn was there for the kids. My husband has already covered the walls in canoes and tools, and I hope we do manage to homeschool in that space. It’s warm enough thanks to the heating system we’ve installed.


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