Wholly Guacamole and Jennie-O Turkey Burger Review and Giveaway

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 I have been trying to get my family to eat healthier so I was excited when I was picked to review Jennie-O’s new jalapeno turkey burgers and Wholly Guacamole products.  I was afraid that the jalapeno burgers would be too spicy for my daughters so I bought Jennie-O’s regular turkey burgers for them.  I have to admit that when I first told my girls that we were going to be having turkey burgers for dinner I was met with a chorus of “I don’t like turkey burgers!”  My husband was ready to let the girls make their own PB&J sandwiches but I stopped him in his tracks.  My girls love regular burgers and I knew they would like turkey burgers, too.

We don’t have a grill right now so I opted for the broiler directions.  I broiled the burgers for about 13 minutes on each side and they came out delicious.  Everyone chose their own cheese and toppings.  We all picked a slice of bacon, three of us chose cheddar cheese, and one of my daughters chose American cheese.   Hubby and I had guacamole on our burgers and it was delicious.  The jalapeno burgers weren’t as spicy as I had thought they would be and the guacamole added a nice cooling taste and texture.  I tried to get my daughters to try the guacamole but I didn’t want to push my luck this time.  I’ll get them to try guacamole next time for sure!
So guess who ended up liking the turkey burgers?  BOTH of my girls.  My younger daughter even said it was one of the best burgers she has ever had.  Ok, so the kid likes to compliment my cooking, but even so, she did love it and so did her sister.
I love that the Jennie-O turkey burgers come frozen, individually sealed, and can be cooked right from frozen so I don’t have to worry about remembering to defrost dinner.  As a busy mom with daughters who have soccer practice 4 nights a week this really comes in handy.  Jennie-O jalapeno turkey burgers can be found at Walmart.  Make sure to check out their other turkey products such as breakfast sausage, bacon, meatballs, ground turkey, and even sandwich meats.

I am a big guacamole fan and none compare to Wholly Guacamole.  It is all natural, has no preservatives, made with real Haas avocados, and can be frozen for up to 3 months.  It has just the right blend of avocados, jalapenos, and spices.  Wholly Guacamole comes in several different sizes but my favorite size is the 100 calorie pack of 3.  It is just enough for a snack and it makes portion control  easy.  Wholly Guacamole can also be found at Walmart and check for it at your favorite grocery store, too!
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  1. mustard is my topping

  2. Ketchup is my favorite topping!

  3. I love cheese and mayo on mine

  4. grilled onions on mine

  5. Cheese and grilled onions

  6. grilled onions and cheese are my toppings

  7. love tomato and cheese on turkey burger. It makes them juicier.

  8. joanne gentry says:

    I love a low fat garden vegetable cream cheese on my turkey burger!

  9. Maryann D. says:

    I like lettuce, tomato and mayo as a topping.

  10. Grilled mushrooms with Swiss Cheese!

  11. grilled mushrooms (and cheese a close second)

  12. Jan Donahue says:

    I love grilled onions and cheese on my burgers. I put guac and salsa on my burgers with lettuce and onion for a Mexicali burger.

  13. debbie jackson says:

    bacon and blue cheese debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  14. Kimberly Miller says:

    Cheese only is the way I like my burgers.

  15. tomato and muenster

  16. Cheese and onions

  17. Amanda Alvarado says:

    It’s gotta have cheese!

  18. Love creamy avocado on top!

  19. I love tomato, avocado and miracle whip. Yummy.

  20. miracle whip, tomato and lettuce

  21. Andrea Williams says:

    Mayo, cheese and lettuce.

  22. teresa harvey says:

    Lettuce, tomato, pickle please

  23. Josh Parker says:

    miracle whip and cheese

  24. Linda Landes says:

    Mustard and cheese

  25. Jennifer Young says:

    Ketchup is my favorite!

  26. Ttrockwood says:

    Honey mustard and pickles

  27. Horseradish Mustard is my favorite topping!

  28. I like guac and a tomato on mine!

  29. laura ari says:

    My favorite topping is tomato and lettuce with a touch of mustard

  30. Georgiana says:

    Love avocado and tomatoes!

  31. ketchup, lettuce & tomatoes

  32. Laurel O. says:

    Mmmm…guacamole and tomotoes!

  33. Jonita Taylor says:

    cheddar cheese, lettuce, & tomato

  34. BRENDA BOLTON says:

    Mayo and bacon!!

  35. avocado and tomato and cheese too lol

  36. Marcia Pasilas says:

    honey mustard and tomato

  37. Erica Best says:

    mushrooms cheese and bacon

  38. Love avocado and bacon!

  39. Michelle Tucker says:

    I like bacon lettuce and tomato on turkey burgers.

  40. Valerie brenner AND JASON SMITH says:

    I like salad dressing.

  41. Francine S says:

    onions tomatoes lettuce

  42. OMG I love this! I have all the fixing right in my kitchen! I love to load up on veggies and mushrooms for sure!

  43. Not sure how I missed this giveaway or review! I love some turkey burgers…. Not a fan of prepackage guacamole though.

  44. stephanie campbell says:

    this sounds great! i still haven’t tried the wholly gaucamole yet i need to check it out and try this it sounds yummy

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