Who Cleans The Cleaner?

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Thanks to lots of modern appliances and devices, we now don’t have to spend quite so much time dedicated to cleaning and housework. Our washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaner can take care of all of the awful cleaning jobs that not many people want to do. But do you ever wonder how these cleaners stay clean? Well, unfortunately, they don’t. Someone still needs to clean the cleaner!

In fact, a wide range of your household appliances will need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, not just the ones that we use for cleaning. Here are some useful cleaning tips that can help you keep all of your oft-used appliances in perfect condition.


The Dishwasher

Hopefully, you are already cleaning your dishwasher every month. If you aren’t doing so, this is something that you need to start now. Otherwise, a lot of grime and dirt will build up in its system. Eventually, this will get into the water and your dishes will be cleaned in dirty water. To ensure that this never happens, you will need to clear out the drain. Most dishwashers have a release that you can pull to release any water that is stagnant in the drain. It’s also a good idea to give your machine a quick vinegar wash, as this will remove any oil, grime, and dirt from the whole system. Simply place a cup of white vinegar into the top shelf of the washer, and then start its hottest cycle. Vinegar is a really effective cleaning substance, and will also remove any obnoxious fragrances.


The Tumble Dryer

One of the main things to watch out for when it comes to your tumble dryer is that it doesn’t get too clogged up from all the fabric that can come off our clothes. There is a filter, often located just underneath the dryer’s door, that you should regularly take out and clean. It can often get covered in fluff and fabric, and you just need to remove all of this material so that it doesn’t get too blocked. It is also worth contacting a firm like Capitol Chimney who specialize in cleaning out the vents in these kinds of machines. They can clean inside the vent and remove the buildup of detergent and fabric softener that can sometimes block them and cause toxins to get into the drum of the machine.


The Microwave

Another important appliance that needs regular cleaning and maintenance is the microwave. As this is used to prepare food, it can get quite greasy and grimey very quickly but it is often one of the most neglected appliances when it comes to cleaning. First of all, when you come to clean your microwave, you should give it a quick wipe down to remove any excess liquids and grease. Next, you need to fill a large, microwavable cup full of water, vinegar, and chopped up lemon into the microwave. Turn it one for a minute or two. The liquid will boil and the microwave window will eventually steam up. When you open the door, the microwave will smell a lot fresher thanks to the lemon. The vinegar will have cut through any remaining grease and oil, making it much easier to wipe away.


The Vacuum Cleaner

Think it is time you gave your vacuum cleaner a bit of a spring clean? It’s actually very easy to do! First up, you just need to empty out its bag. Next, take apart any bits that will come away from the main body, and then give these a quick wash with some soapy water. You should also take a pair of scissors and use them to cut away any hairs or fabrics that have become extremely tangled in the foot of the vacuum. You can clean the foot even further by wetting a cotton wool pad with some rubbing alcohol and wiping it with this. This can remove any dirt that has built up on the base of the foot. Remember to thoroughly dry all the parts of the vacuum cleaner before you put it all back together again.


The Washing Machine

In actual fact, your washing machine doesn’t need too much attention. The main thing is cleaning out the filter, like with the tumble dryer. It’s also a good idea to place a small cup of bleach into the drawer where you normally place a cup of washing powder. Turn your machine onto its hottest setting, and press start. This should help to clean out the entire system.

So, now you can clean all your appliances!

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