Where Will Your Next Family Vacation Take You?

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Family vacations can become a little bit stale and boring at times. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same kind of thing over and over. When it comes time to think about your next family vacation, why not approach it from a different angle? There are lots of different ways to travel, and plenty of different things to see. Perhaps one of these ideas will become your best vacation yet:

Under The Sea

If your kids love the idea of being under the sea (who doesn’t love Dory and Nemo?), then you could take a vacation that gives them that view. You can try a glass bottomed boat ride. Or maybe you fancy walking under the sea with the fish swimming above you? There are lots of different SeaWorld Centers all over the world to delight your little ones. All you need to do is pick the one you want.

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Of course, if you’re an active family, you might choose to take a snorkeling or even a diving vacation. You can all learn and qualify as divers if the kids are old enough. Little ones can learn to snorkel as soon as they’re safe to swim. Choose warmer climates with plenty of tropical fish to make these vacation memories last a lifetime.

Up In The Sky

Hot air balloons are one of those things you can’t help but stare at up in the sky. Even though they take ages to drift from view, your gaze is fixed. Most kids would love the chance to fly in a hot air balloon, so why not make that the focus of your next vacation idea? Of course, the more adventurous families might fancy a helicopter ride weaving in and out of the grand canyon. Or how about a bungee jump?



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Parachute jumps are one of those experiences that you never forget. You can take on a little training so you can jump solo, but your kids will need to be pretty grown up to join in. Alternatively, you can enjoy the feeling of flight by taking one. Airplanes fascinate kids and adults alike. Why not book a flight on something extra special like a wartime bomber?

Across The Land

When it comes to vacations, the road trip is what springs to mind for many. The vehicle you choose depends on how many of you are going. If you need a trailer, it makes sense to look for a good RV. But motor vehicles aren’t the only way to enjoy the landscape. Active families may enjoy taking on one of the hundreds of great cycle routes America has to offer. It’s also a great way to get fit!

Hiking is another pastime families enjoy when they’re on vacation. This is particularly good fun when you’re camping. You can ramble across the country and camp when you’re tired. There are dozens of excellent trails. Or you might prefer a well-trodden path near a large camping area. Just make sure you take along all the proper camping supplies. What will your next vacation look like?


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