Where To Cut Costs While Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is stressful and costly no matter how you look at it. The good news is there are ways to make it less painful of a process. It’s difficult because the bride envisions her dream wedding, but doesn’t always take into consideration the dollar amounts.

It’s all about being smart when you’re planning. There are ways to cut corners without it looking like you did on the day of the wedding. Be flexible and open to new ideas. See where to cut costs while wedding planning.

Number of Guests

Make your list and then make it again and again. Keep editing and revising until you’ve narrowed it down, and then review it one more time. This is where you’re going to save money. Cutting guests is never fun, but it’s a good way to put extra cash back in your pocket. Be mindful of who you’re not inviting but don’t let it ruin your experience.


Believe it or not, there’s a great and easy way to make your own wedding invitations. You don’t need design skills and can make them for free in minutes. You tell the story and design them, so they’re personal to you and your significant other. You pick and choose options, but you don’t have to have expert design skills to complete your wedding invitations. Doing this part on your own saves you money from having to hire someone else to create it for you, and it’s more personal.


Food is important, but you have options. Consider a buffet style dinner instead of a sit down to save you money. It’s less formal, and guests can pick what they want to eat for dinner from a pre-selected menu of options. This also eliminates any need for special carving stations. Also, provide a few appetizers, but there’s no reason to go overboard.

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is possibly the highest cost out of your budget. Be aware when selecting where you’re going to get married. The fanciest place in town or in the city will cost you big bucks. Consider an outdoor wedding or a venue that’s smaller but has more character. This is one area you’re really going to be able to save if you’re smart about it.


Search around and see if there’s someone locally who you know that might be willing to give you a good deal on pictures. Also, there’s no need to order the best package. Select an offering that meets your needs and throws in one or two frills.

Music & Entertainment

Big, popular bands are going to be more expensive. An alternative is to find a band that’s just getting off their feet and who’d be willing to show off their skills for less. Alternatively, hire a DJ who’ll be just as much fun.


Wedding planning is a lot of excitement, but it’s also fairly stressful. Don’t let that stop you from having the celebration of your dreams. This is where to cut costs while wedding planning.

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