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I am part of the GoodCook Kitchen Experts Blogger program and they challenged us to come up with creative and unique ways to use their Lemon Keeper.  I am always up for a fun challenge so here are some creative ways to use a GoodCook Lemon Keeper.  
piggyPiggy Bank– Drill a hole in the pointed end of the lemon keeper.  I used a nail and a hammer to make a hole because my husband wasn’t sure where his drill was.  Paint both sides pink and allow to dry.  Paint the inside of the clear side pink and allow to dry.  Paint 5 water bottle tops for the legs and nose and allow to dry.  Once all the pieces are dry, put both halves together.  Use a glue gun to glue the water bottle tops onto the bottom of the piggy for the legs and one on the flat part for the nose.  Add on googly eyes.  Twist up a pink pipe cleaner and push one end through the hole in the pointed side of the lemon.  Cut out ears on pink material, pink paper, or pink felt.  We had a wide pink ribbon so that’s what I used.  Glue ears on the top of the piggy.  To add money just twist piggy open.  If you want to make a slit on the top, carefully drill a slit across the top prior to painting.  Again, my husband’s drill is MIA so no hole in our piggy!
piggy collage
Butter Churn– Pour heavy whipping cream into the top of the lemon keeper.  Twist on the bottom and shake, shake, shake until butter forms and separates from the buttermilk.  This is a fun activity for children to do.  Add salt to taste if you want.  You can even add herbs and make your own herb butter.
butterAcorn– My daughter used a lemon keeper as an acorn for a prop in her class play.
acornDip Chiller- Place crushed ice in the bottom, put the top upside-down in the bottom, and fill with your favorite dip to keep it cold.  Great for parties, taco night, and any time you want to keep dips and toppings cold.

Here are a few more ideas:
Q-Tip holder– Put Q-tips in the lemon keeper to keep them clean and dry in the bathroom.
Office supplies holder– You can store push pins, paper clips, rubber bands and more inside a lemon keeper.
Baking soda in the fridge and freezer– this one requires a little “work”.  Use a drill to carefully drill several holes into the top of the lemon keeper.  Add baking soda to the bottom, screw on top, and place into your fridge and freezer to keep it smelling fresh.
Snacks for the kids lunch boxes– Put various snacks in the lemon keeper for a fun snack holder in your child’s lunch.
Hard boiled egg storage in lunchboxes– The lemon keeper makes a great container to keep hard boiled eggs in without getting crushed.
Music makers– Fill the lemon keeper with dried rice or beans for fun music makers for children.  Vary the bean type and see what sounds each type makes.

What ideas do you have?

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  1. I <3 <3 <3 the piggy!!!! Precious, precious, precious! THAT took some creativity!!! I made a floral centerpiece. dealsfrommsdo.com/decorating-with-good-cook-citrus-keepers/

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