What’s The Cost Of A Child’s Smile? Tips For Healthy Teeth For Children

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For many parents, there is no better feeling that their children smiling back at them. However, toothcare is, from a very young care, a difficult topic of parenthood: While bruises are easily visible, it takes an experienced eye to recognize bad teeth. And it takes a superhero as a parent to take care of a child’s teeth. But there are thankfully a few tips here to help parents look better after their children’s teeth.

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Mastering The Art Of Getting Children To Brush Their Teeth

For many parents, trying to convince their child to brush their teeth is an everyday battle before going to bed. Brushing teeth is a behavior that needs to be taught very early to children as this can help to make things a lot easier. Turning the daily drama to teeth brushing into a responsible habit can save parents a lot of troubles. At the same time, there is nothing more difficult than trying to convince a child to brush their teeth. There are plenty of ways around it, such as changing the toothbrush for a soft alternative, as children’s gums are more sensitive than adults. Additionally, some parents experiment with tasty child toothpaste, as adult toothpaste might be a little too strong for children. Finally, the best way to convince a child to brush their teeth, as numerous parents have found out, is to use a reward system, such as promising their favorite pudding for the next meal – which should be on the next day – or rewarding the child for every five or more days of healthy brushing with a little present. As every child is different, it is important for parents to understand their child in order to pick the best method.

Remembering The Importance Of Calcium For A Healthy Smile

99% of all the calcium in the human body is stored in the bones and the teeth. As a consequence, calcium deficiency can have a dramatic impact on a child’s teeth. Commonly, delayed tooth growth can be a direct cause of calcium deficiency, and can be diagnosed in young toddlers already. Defective teeth, such as weak teeth that can break or brittle easily, are also a sign of lack of calcium for children. If this is the case, the immediate solution is to maximize the intake of calcium through a healthy diet that brings a lot of healthy dairy products. Parents can also research the possibilities of using healthy and natural calcium supplements, by reading the AlgaeCal reviews, for example. Calcium supplements can be used in the everyday diet. However, it is essential to plan a medical appointment to monitor calcium deficiency in children. For older children, tooth decay and toothaches can also be caused by a low intake of calcium. In short, parents should make sure that their children receive sufficient amount of dairy products every day.

When Should Children See An Orthodontist

For many children, a dentist is synonymous with getting braces. However, braces are often necessary for children who have not seen a dentist early enough. Indeed, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, or even a significant difference in jaw sizes can be monitored with the help of a dentist and can be treated in a variety of ways. It is important that children make their first visit to an orthodontist when their permanent teeth are starting to come out as this is the point when a specialist can already identify potential issues and look for solutions.


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