What to Expect from an Alcohol Outpatient Rehab

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An outpatient rehab facility gives you the opportunity to free yourself of your alcohol addiction without having to check into a 24-hour rehab center. Instead, you can go to the facility, attend healing treatment sessions that will help you get over your addiction for good, and then head back home. This gives you more freedom, but it also means that you really need to be committed to the idea of getting clean, as you won’t be getting the round-the-clock support you would get from an in-patient facility.

What exactly should you expect from alcohol outpatient rehab? Continue reading to learn more.

Intake Assessment

The first thing you can expect when you are ready to check yourself into an alcohol outpatient rehab center is an intake assessment. This will be performed to determine the severity of your addiction, and it could also be used to diagnose underlying mental issues that you are suffering with and that may be contributing to your addiction.

Assessments will typically include your medical history, along with a drug test and physical exam. This information will help the rehab staff devise a customized plan for your treatment.

A Variety of Therapies to Help You Overcome Addiction

Once you are admitted to an outpatient rehab center, you can then start participating in a variety of therapies that will be designed to give you the tools you need to finally overcome your addiction.

Talk therapy is one of the most popular programs offered by outpatient programs because it gives people access to individual counselling, along with group therapy. Usually, these take place on a daily or weekly basis. Some facilities will also offer family therapy, and it is encouraged that you also participate in self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Educational services will teach you about addiction, as well as how your body reacts to alcohol and what the substance does to your brain. By understanding the disease of addiction and the problems associated with consuming alcohol, you’ll feel even more ready to quit your addiction.

Finally, should you need medications while getting outpatient treatment from Beachway Therapy and similar facilities, you may be given medications that can help treat your addiction to alcohol by minimizing the cravings for the substance, preventing it from being pleasurable, or even causing unpleasant feelings when you consume it. These will help you retrain your body and mind away from alcohol.

Care After You’re Done

After you have completed your outpatient rehab program, you can still expect to receive valuable aftercare. This is actually one of the most important aspects of a successful recovery from alcohol addiction, and it will go hand in hand with the relapse prevention plan you will complete at the end of your program. By connecting with peer support groups outside of rehab, you will be able to continue treatment and avoid relapsing.

As you can see, outpatient rehab offers plenty of benefits, and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Instead, it could be the best way to finally rid yourself of your addiction.

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