What to Do When Your Family is in a Car Crash

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Safety is something people possibly prioritise a lot more when they have a family. This is because you may see one of your sole responsibilities as keeping them safe. It isn’t always within your control what happens, especially when you’re on the road. You can only try your best to drive as safely as possible and make sure you minimise distractions while driving. In an unfortunate event that your family is in a car crash, you should know what the next steps to take are. Keep reading to find out what to do if they are ever in one.

Secure the Area

As soon as you get into a car crash, you need to secure the area. If you don’t know how to do this, read some tips below.

  1. Turn the Engine Off: It is an offence to drive away from an accident. So, make sure to stop the car as soon as you get into an accident, turn the engine off, and switch your hazard lights on as soon as you get a chance.
  2. Check That Everyone is Fine: Check that everyone in the car is okay and make a note of any injuries you notice. This is key as other people in the accident could try and claim for injuries.
  3. Try and Stay Calm: An accident can be a traumatizing experience for everyone involved. In order not to make matters worse, staying as calm as possible is a must. Take deep breaths and avoid losing your temper the best you can.

Call Authorities

It’s important that you call the police and/or ambulance if anyone is hurt and the road is blocked. Before they arrive, you shouldn’t admit responsibility or apologise for anything that has happened. If you do, you could be held liable even if you aren’t at fault.

Collect Information

After an accident, you want to collect as much information on the spot as you can. This is going to be vital information that your insurance provider can use to determine who is at fault. Here are a few pieces of information that you should collect ideally.

  1. Contact Details: Make sure you give your name and address as well as collect that of the other person involved in the accident.
  2. Insurance: You and the other driver should exchange insurance details with one another. The person at fault will end up having to use their insurance provider to compensate the victim, so don’t miss this out.
  3. Evidence: Collecting as much evidence as possible will help you build your case when it comes to insurance. Be sure to get the contact details of any passengers or witnesses. You should also take pictures and note any details that could be used.

If the accident wasn’t your fault, you should also be looking into getting compensation. If you visit the-compensation-experts.co.uk, you’ll find information regarding how to speak to a professional about your case and get the right advice.

Talk About the Experience

After you’ve had an accident, it’s important that you discuss it as a family. Everyone deals with such experiences differently, so you want to be sure nobody is battling with internal traumas. Perhaps consider going to see a therapist as a family if you notice dramatic changes in behaviour and a reluctance to discuss the event.

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