What The Experts Do To Stay Healthy All Year Around

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Staying fit and healthy is easier said than done, especially with all the ‘expert advice’ out there. I mean, these experts are brilliant at doling out advice, but how good are they at practising what they preach? To be fair, the majority them do follow their advice and reap the rewards as a result. Still, it is not an easy thing to do, and it takes a lot of willpower, even from their perspective. If you want to copy their methods, here is how they get results.

Eat What You Love, Leave What You Like

There is no strict rule that states you have to cut out every food that isn’t good for your body. In fact, when you first start dieting it is not a good idea to cut out some junk food because your body will start to crave it more. So, to find a good balance, stop piling your plate with food that you don’t enjoy as much as others. Eat what you love, not what you like.

Treat Day Once A Week

Although you should treat yourself, limit those treats to one day a week. One treat day a week is an indulgence. Anything else is a feast that rolls on for days. Before you know it, you will be making an excuse to have treats almost every other day. By limiting it to one day, you can enjoy your treats without going overboard and eating them all the time.

Give Yourself Permission

Honestly, a negative mental attitude can affect your diet. When you feel guilty about eating food, you think you shouldn’t, it can breed more unhealthy behaviours. The result? You put on more weight rather than lose weight. So, allow yourself to have a treat day guilt-free and then get back to your routine the day after.

Eat Low To High

Start off by eating low-calorie foods and then move onto the good stuff. By the time you get to the fudge cake after a bowl of soup, you will only need a few bites. After a few bites, you will feel that full that you will be ready for bursting! The result is that you feel satisfied after only a small intake of the junk food that has the most negative effect on your diet and your body.

Get A Checkup

Once you start to diet, you should keep a check on your body’s reaction. There are a few ways to do it, like checking your weight every week or two. But, a doctor is the best way because they can give you medical advice. Remember, their opinion is better than the scales. If you don’t see the doctor often, websites like Specialist Doctors will help you find one.

Keep Up To Date

What the experts do best is research the information that is coming out of the industry. Obviously, they have to do it because it is their job. But, as a result, they have the most relevant and up to date information with regards to staying fit and healthy. Instead of reading through medical journals, however, just browse the internet.

That is how the pros do it; now it is down to you!


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