Ways to Help Manage Your Dogs Stress Levels

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Having a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities. Ensuring they are well fed and looked after are the main priorities, but being able to understand your dog’s needs is essential to providing them with the best life possible. Here are a few ways to help de-stress your dog.

Understanding Their Needs

The first step to take to help de-stress your dog is understanding their needs and knowing what situations can trigger their stress and anxiety. Loud noises and being around other dogs can put pressure on your dog, so taking the time to analyze what your dog can and cannot handle will help in avoiding any added stress. Your dog may display signs of stress in a variety of ways, such as excessive barking or being more aggressive. Understanding your dog’s behavior and body language will help you identify how they are feeling.

Calming Your Dog

Being on hand when your dog is showing signs of stress and fear can help in calming them down. Knowing the best way to calm your dog will determine how your dog reacts. Speaking in an upbeat voice can help put your dog at ease and give them the reassurance they need. Your actions and words can have an enormous impact on your dog, especially as they are likely to follow your every command. Also, your dog may find situations more stressful than you. Being patient and understanding will help reassure your dog.


Regular exercise for your dog can not only benefit their physical health but also help work off any anxiety or stress they are facing. Taking your dog on long walks in the morning and evening will tire out your dog and allow it to rest. Just like with humans, exercise releases endorphins which can boost your dog’s mind, relieve their stress and keep them happy. There are many different exercises for your dog that can keep them active, as well as those that you can join in with.


Leaving your dog for lengthy periods of time can leave your dog feeling stressed and anxious. However, leaving their favorite toys around the home to play with will help keep your dog mentally stimulated and help reduce any worries they are having. Also, if you are taking your dog on trips out, bringing toys with you will give them a sense of familiarity and help keep them calm.

Giving Structure

Keeping a routine will help give your dog the structure they need and reduce levels of stress. Having designated times for meals, playtime, and exercise will help keep your dog calm and stability. If you do not implement a structure to your dog’s day, this can not only elevate stress and anxiety but also cause unruly behavior. Websites like ourpetspot.com can give you more guidance and help for your dog, ensuring you have all the tools needed to keep your dog healthy and happy.

If you would like more information on ways to help de-stress your dog, make sure that you look at specialist websites online, where you will be able to get the guidance and help you need.




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