Ways to Ensure You Have A Healthy And Long Life

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Being healthy is the only full and lifetime job that doesn’t have remuneration as one of its perks. As we are all unique individuals that require constant good health from infanthood to adolescence, and from middle age to senior citizens. Hence, our wellbeing mentally, physically, academically, psychologically and spiritually is primarily one of the key concerns of every person.

When our well-being isn’t well catered for it is likely to result in antisocial, moody behavior and keeping to ourselves. In essence, it’s important for parents to be friends with ourselves as this helps us to understand our weaknesses and peculiarities that differs from others.

As custodians, there are many ways we can be healthy kids, but for the purpose of this piece, a few of them will be critically examined.

Good Sleep

Sleep is one of the mysteries fundamental to the survival of human beings. Hence every person should have at least 8 -10 hours of sleep on a daily basis. There’s no gainsaying that the chances are that most of us tend to find solace in television programs like cartoons/animations which makes them detest bed time sometimes. However, the truth is that a fixed sleep time should be spelled out; this will ensure that we are aware of the golden general rule for sleep and we will not attempt to break the rule except on rare occasions on holidays, or weekends.

For both adults and kids, the importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized; a sound sleep re-energizes us, improves our metabolism, and helps us think well. Insufficient sleep time, on the other hand, gives us headaches, affects our productivity at work, and other activities and makes us withdrawn and contribute less towards family life.

Refrain From Dieting

Diets can significantly increase the risk of developing an eating disorder during life. Instead, people with weight problems should move more and be offered healthier food – in unlimited quantities. This would be better than fad dieting or having a dramatic change in their eating habits.

Spend Time With Family And Friends

The foundation of a family is founded largely on support; nobody can exist in isolation; we are designed by nature to coexist and cohabit in a defined location or surroundings with others. Hence, it can sometimes be challenging to live a long happy life without the support of other members of the family. Support is a confidence booster for everyone and spending time with family is great for your health. So why not reach out to loved ones by giving them a call and arranging a time to spend together.

Eating Healthy Foods

The popular saying “You’re what you eat” comes to mind here, while it remains a pure fact that we must not excessively monitor the types of foods we eat as this will drive us crazy. However, for the bulk of the time, it’s important we aim to eat the right types of meals carefully, which positively adds to our wholesome composition as human beings.

The healthy types of foods we should add in out food timetable should include fruits, veggies, cereals, carbohydrates, Vitamins, and protein. The types of foods that we should try and avoid include junk foods such as pastries, ice cream & foods with a high concentration in fat and oil. Junk foods can cause a lack of required body nutrients, and high consumption increases chances of fats in the body which is unhealthy. Try not to make your healthy eating a boring task, rather think of alternative ways to make healthy eating fun.

Routine Medical Checks

The regular monitoring of our wellbeing is essential and shouldn’t be left until there’s a total health breakdown or an emergency due to some form of terminal diseases or complications. We should make it a duty to have a routine medical check. Whether monthly or quarterly depending on which of the options suits them most. There are many available medical insurance plans such as the medicare supplement that will ensure your family’s health is in good condition.

Some of the benefits of routine medical checks include early detection of diseases, prevention of such disease from developing into a delicate or advanced stage which could be life threatened. Also, regular medical tests reveal our health status which is necessary to maintain status-quo is passed. Upon check-up, any required steps will be advised if there’s a need to procure medications to help stabilize your health.

Drink Enough Water

The importance of hydration cannot be overemphasized, because water is required to aid digestion of meals in both adult and children alike. How much water an individual should drink varies, however, there are specific times for consuming water in order to get the desired result, such times include early mornings (A glass of water & before going to bed at night).


Exercise is a medically recommended way to ensure we stay healthy, fit, and intellectually sound. There are many types of activities we can partake in to develop or explore different physical attributes within us. They include walking, swimming, aerobics, athletics, football, table tennis, basketball & other numerous forms of physical activities which helps to ensure our fitness and sound health. Exercise can make us feel happier, too, when it becomes part of our routine.

Zero Addiction To Technology

While it’s a fantastic reality that most of us this day and time are highly intelligent, all thanks to advancement in technology. However, it should be said that too much clinging to gadgets such as televisions, phones & iPads when we should be sleeping will definitely affect our mental health. Nowadays, the addictions to gadgets for many people begins from a young age, but luckily for the elder generation, they did not experience this.


All in all, installing the above healthy habits within our children can ensure they grow up to be healthy and responsible adults. Healthy diet, exercise and family time can all help to develop children and give them the best start in life.




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