Warning Signs That You Need A Roof Repair As Soon As Possible

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For most homeowners, buying a new roof is the last thing on their minds. Until the day comes when they find a leak or tiles start to cave in, it’s just not worth thinking about. This is a mistake. By spotting these red flags early enough, you could avoid the need for a complete overhaul. They don’t come cheap – wouldn’t you rather only pay out for a repair job? Check this list to make sure your roof isn’t suffering from any of the following problems, and catch them early if they are.

Curling Tiles

Take a step outside and cast your eye on your roof. What do you notice about the pattern of your tiling? If they seem to be curling inside, it’s time to get them replaced. This generally means that they are past their sell-by-date. Replacing them now could mean a smaller job before more defects begin to occur later. Otherwise, you’re probably looking at an entirely new roof being put in, which is both costly and inconvenient.

Old Age

One of the most common reasons for a new roof being required is simply the age of the old one. As much as we’d like them to be, things today just aren’t designed to last forever. There’s no money to be made in that. While your roof may have no noticeable problems, experts suggest you should aim to replace your roof every 20 years. However, it does largely depend on the materials used. More modern roofs are often made from durable tiles, like zinc roofing. These will generally last longer than the more traditional aluminium-coated tiles.

Sagging Slate

When you first have your roof done, it’s usually in pristine condition. All the tiles blend together perfectly, creating a beautiful pattern to be appreciated. However, if you’ve noticed that your slates have begun to sag, this could spell danger for you. It could mean that your roof is about to collapse, possibly due to poor handiwork. Contract a roofing specialist and have them check out the problem. They’ll be able to advise whether a full overhaul is necessary, or whether you could get away with just replacing a few parts. I cannot stress enough – do not leave this too late. It may not be imminently dangerous, but it means that your roof support is compromised. It needs seeing to sooner rather than later.

Spotting Daylight

Take a trip up to the loft and peer up through your roof. If you can spot daylight appearing through the cracks, you’re in trouble. This means that the tiles are coming adrift and have become unsafe. Quite often, this is a result of your loft insulation retaining moisture where it shouldn’t be. If you act quickly enough, you may be able to get away with just replacing the affected tiles and drying out the insulate.

If you’ve spotted any of these warning signs, it’s important to take the next steps as soon as possible. It could save you time, money and heartache in the long-run.

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