Victorious: Taking the Lead Nintendo DS™Game Product Review

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What we thinkVictorious: Taking the Lead is fun new game that features the cast from the hit Nickelodeon show, Victorious.    The game starts out with Tori and Jade fighting over the female lead role in the vampire version of Romeo and Juliet because Beck is the male lead.  For this game you get to choose to be either Tori or Jade in a dance competition.  When the circle comes up you need to tap on the screen to clap your character’s hands.  There are lots of other moves to keep up with during this dance competition.  Do you have the moves it takes to get the big role?  Victorious: Taking the Lead features 20 performance competitions based on songs from the hit show such as Take a Hint.  Players can interact with the whole crew from Victorious such as Beck, Cat, and Robbie, too.  Our favorite part of the game is listening to all the songs and dancing.  This game is a big hit with both of my girls who are Victorious fans.  Put on your virtual dancing shoes and dance with the kids from Hollywood Heights!

This game says ages 10+ but I think it’s great for younger kids, too.  My girls are (almost 7) and 9 years old and they both love it.  I’m a fan of the show, too, so I love when they play because I can sing along with the songs, too.  (And embarrass them of course!)

Hang out with the entire Hollywood Arts crew and be immersed into the world of Victorious as Tori tries to win the starring role in an upcoming school play against school rival Jade. Fans will be able to interact with their favorite cast members including Jade, Beck, Cat and more while they visit favorite show locations like the Hollywood Arts School and Gorilla Club. Victorious: Taking the Lead offers players a chance to explore Hollywood Arts and play more than 20 uniquely Victorious-themed, rhythm-based mini-games on the Wii and 20 performance competitions for the Nintendo DS, featuring hit songs from the show!

“It’s a lot of fun to be a part of the video game and explore the world of Hollywood Arts with the other cast members and be in that environment,” said Victoria Justice, star of Victorious.  “Victorious: Taking the Lead is really cool and a unique experience and I can’t wait for fans to get their hands on the game and play it.”

In Victorious: Taking the Lead, Tori really wants the lead role in the upcoming school play and players can help her get the part by socializing with classmates and playing through a variety of fun mini-games.  These fun and comical activities include magic, DJ skills, fashion model vogueing, instrument performances, and more that are tied to the show.  Fans will receive an inside look into the Victorious world where they can fully interact with cast members like Jade and Beck, and visit their favorite show locations.

“Put your talents on display in Victorious: Taking the Lead and interact with the entire cast of Victorious as you become a star at Hollywood Arts High School,” said Peter Andrew, vice president of production, D3P.  “Fans of the show get a truly authenticVictorious experience and are immersed into Tori’s world as they progress through a number of challenges that showcases their creativity.”

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