Vacationing Abroad? Don’t Forget Your Home

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Summer might be over, but September is still holiday season. After all, it’s cheaper, the kids aren’t in school, and the weather’s still warm. But, while your focus might be on hotels and plane tickets, there is one thing you should never forget. Your home will still be standing when you get back, but it might be empty. At least, this could be the case for those of you who don’t take security seriously. When you are a vacation, it is a perfect time for burglars to strike. To put them off, here are the things homeowners need to know.


Make It Look Occupied

The best method to prevent a break in is to go under the radar. If a burglar doesn’t think it’s a viable option, they won’t waste their energy. They are opportunists and grab chances when they occur. With this in mind, try and make the house look as busy and in-use as possible. Get a friend to open and close the curtains, put a timer on the exterior lights, and leave the car in the driveway. even says that house sitting is an excellent way to keep thieves at bay. Remember that the livelier, the better.

Install A Security System

An alarm is a no-brainer because it’s cheap and efficient. To take your system to a new level, though, a CCTV camera is in order. The reason reports it to be a deterrent is down to the amount of risk for a thief. Because cameras use quality software, the possibility of getting caught is much bigger. And, with, you can choose a system which fits your needs perfectly. In fact, a CCTV camera works so well that a dummy method is useful too. Thieves don’t know if they work or not and can’t take a gamble as a result.

Don’t Tell Everyone

Once you book a vacation, it’s tempting to inform the neighborhood. After all, you want the neighbors to know that you can afford a good time. The issue with this is that the news travels fast. Before you know it, the info is common knowledge and every man and his dog are aware. From a show off perspective, it’s great, but from a security standpoint, it’s unsafe. Although it’s tempting, try not to blab and only tell the people who need to know.

Check Insurance Policy

Not to be cynical, but a break in is hard to stop when you’re thousands of miles away. Sometimes, the security features don’t work and burglars win. Therefore, it’s a savvy move to check the terms of your insurance policy before boarding the plane. At the least, the company should pick up the tab and reimburse you for the damage. However, this will only happen if you are not liable for the theft. By researching the fine print, you can figure out what this entails. It goes without saying, but a homeowner policy is essential if you don’t have one already.

Before you leave, make sure the property is safe and secure.

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